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Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Well, the 4th was here and now it's gone! I had to work over the 3 day holiday, but that was the most enjoyable part of the weekend. I went to the Dakota Discovery museum to see their celebration. For a suggested donation of $2 you could eat ice cream of both the homemade and store bought variety, drink lemonade, and listen to a musician that came courtesy of the SD Arts council. I forgot his name, but he looked like one of the guys in the "Acoustic Christmas" show. I couldn't get close to the fireworks at the lake, and KMIT had promised patriotic music, but their idea of that was Miley Cyrus singing "Party in the USA". So I went to bed, turned on the radio and listened to "The Beatles Show" before turning in.
I wonder sometimes how it came to be that we celebrate our independence by waving American flags made in Japan, shooting off fireworks made in China, and listening to British rock music. Then I realize that we are all imported from somewhere. I myself am part German, Irish-Canadian, Norwegian, and topped with German from Russia. It wasn't that long ago that pizza was not eaten in this country because it was Italian, now it's as American as apple pie, if such a thing is possible. This country is still a melting pot even if some of us don't want to blend in, because of it's freedom. Even that we imported from outside. We have a great thing going here, but I'm glad we only celebrate it once a year.
Incidentally, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin was in Corsica and Wagner today taking care of business. no word on if she will be coming to Mitchell to sit in the hot seat at the South McDonald's Breakfast Bunch. She has plenty of time to do that, as the election is not until November.

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