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Thursday, July 22, 2010
Last night, Mitchell got a little rain. Some in the area got an inch, some got 6 inches. The official total was 3.69 inches as reported by KOOL 98 this morning. The rain came down in sheets. Sidewalks were covered by the flood. It took a while, but the storm sewers drained the lake that was forming on the streets downtown. I stopped by the University, where Senator McGovern was watching someone Else's muffins for them while I was looking at this car float down the street on the Front Page of the Daily Republican. He looks good for 88!
Today is Grandad's birthday. I hope to go to the Steak N More for prime rib and a glass of milk. and think about Grandad, and his legacy. He was a legend in his time when one thinks on it. He disliked being honoured intensely. He never sought wealth, fame, power, glory, or any of the other things that one associates with greatness. This reluctance to seek these trappings out is indeed what made him all the greater. He was content to raise corn, sheep, and his family and let others rule the world. He never cheated his neighbor or coveted his neighbor's wife. As long as his life was, he left us all too soon. We'll never see his kind again. Every once in a while I wonder what he'd make out of the world situation. He'd have an opinion, and he'd let you know what he thought about it, too! As difficult as life was with him, it hasn't exactly been a picnic without him either. Every now and then I remember bits and pieces of some of the thins he used to say and I'd almost swear he was right there with me. I guess in a way he always will be. When I tried to convert this website into a sitcom format, I thought of including some of Grandad's speaking to me, but I thought better of it. Some things were better left between the two of us.
It's gonna rain again tonight! I hope if you get some too if you need it!

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