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Friday, July 09, 2010
It is days like today that I wish I had a newspaper. The headline would read "Cheese Plugs Up Interstate". that is exactly what it did, in part anyway. At least 17,000 lbs of the stuff was spilled on Interstate 90. News outlets from as far away as Chicago pounced on this story. The Mitchell Daily Republican had some photos fro Keloland. on the serious side, some folks were injured, albeit in a non life threatening way.
It seems that the driver of the semi containing the cheese fell asleep yesterday morning and rear ended the people in front of him. As it happens everyone was obeying the seat belt law, so there were no fatalities.
On a totally unrelated note, I've discovered that something like 82% of divorce lawyers use evidence gathered from social networking sites like Facebook. There is no right to privacy on the Internet. People gotta wake up to that. Which reminds me, I mentioned being married, didn't I. Well, the rest of the story is that I was playing a Facebook game called Frontierville, and someone gifted my with a ribbon. BOOM, I was given a wife. I fashioned her after a young lady I dated a couple of times last year. I have since edited my Internet bride to look like my good friend and part time exercise buddy, Jane. I hope that both unions are not legally binding. When I called my lawyer, Morley Krupt of the law firm of Ural,Krupt,Sumi,& Dye to ask him, he hung up on me. How rude!
Back to cheese! I see in the Argus that the Virginia Center for Politics has rated South Dakota's US house race a "toss up". It would also appear that both parties are making this a race to watch, since Kristi Noem seems to be Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's toughest opponent so far. That said, I have noticed that Mrs Sandlin has not appeared at the South McDonald's in Mitchell, to face the coffee shop communion. Then again, she can't be everywhere.
Also today's Argus Life section has a young lady that graduated from DWU last May. She is modeling aprons. Why can't I get a job like that?

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