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Tuesday, June 15, 2010
After seeing what a mess I made of election predicting, your host has decided to resume coursework at the South Dakota War College. Professor Powers reports that some outfit took a poll and it shows that Kristi Noem is ahead of Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin by a margin of about 53%-41%. Our own Pollmaster General has them evenly matched right now, but that will change as soon as a 3rd person votes. Thanks to the 2 that helped me out so far.
I was also amazed to learn that no Independent candidates have been able to find the much needed 3356 signatures to get on the ballot to challenge Senator John Thune. The conventional wisdom out there says that is because he's been doing a good job. It's hard to disagree when you can't get a few thousand people to sign an election petition for someone to run against him. I wonder if that's ever happened here before. It matters little, since it appears to be happening now. It also appears to be a good time to be Republican
Few things seem to be working in Herseth-Sandlin's favor. Republicans don't support her because she's a Democrat, and the Democrats won't support her because she votes contrary to the party line. Even if the Democrats did support her, the likely voters might not take to that. As for me, I'm not sure that I can figure out who I will be endorsing until Labour day, if then.
It has also not escaped notice that Scott Heidepriem is a Democrat in name only. His ads sure make him sound more conservative than (hold on let me get the cheat sheet) Daugaard. I gotta learn how to spell that name! And spell check is no #!&* help either!
At any rate, I look forward to catching up to what I don't know and what's been going on since I was away studying at DWU. If anyone of you Readers out there can offer me a little free tutoring, I'd sure be glad of that.

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