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Monday, June 28, 2010
Well once again times slips away! Robert Byrd died during the hiatus, which is notable for several reasons, but one that may be over looked is that his passing marks the first time in our nation's history that their hasn't been at least one Byrd in the Senate. Purists will be quick to point out that those Byrds were from Virginia instead of West Virginia. Still, The Byrd family was there before the Kennedys and the Longs, and they outlasted both dynasties. Not too shabby!
Closer to home, The Zilverberg family has a lot to celebrate. Today marks the 30th anniversary of Shorty and Sue Zilverberg's wedding. Yesterday, Shorty's sister, Mary Jo Nemec and her husband Nick celebrated 24 years together. Both Shorty and Mary Jo married well, so it's no suprise that both couples are still together. Good marriages are not born in Holabird, but many have been raised there.
At their 60th Anniversary, my grandparents, E.E. and Bergit Hinkle, were approached by a couple that had just been freshly married and they asked what the secret to 60 years is. Their reply couldn't have been better had it been planned out:
E.E.: Don't go to bed angry.
Bergit: Yeah! Stay up and fight it out!
Grandad had a bible verse that went along with that, Ephesians 4: 26. I'm not sure if Granny took her bit from Phyllis Diller or not! But, it is true that going to bed angry is not healthy. Nobody fought, at least verbally, more than Grandad and Granny, but they never let it spoil the plans they made at the altar. Anyone who is married, or thinking of going the route should keep that in mind!

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