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Tuesday, June 08, 2010
I used to be something of a political junkie, but these days there's just not much to be excited about. The primary election is today, but unless you are a Republican there's nothing to vote for. Even is you're a Republican there isn't much.
We will see who faces Scott Heidepriem for Governor. I'm hoping Scott will win in November because he's the only candidate in either party whose name I can spell without a cheat sheet. All the candidates for Governor are saying the same thing. From what I've seen it's been mostly positive, at least not as negative as it was 8 years ago.
Then we have the race for House to see who can unseat Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin. Do think she can be unseated? Anything is possible! As for who will do it, I think Chris Nelson is the best bet there. I don't know Kristi Noem, and I have nothing against her. Still, her campaign ads are just not moving me. The same can be said about the other guy who is running. I can't remember his name, and that may be part of his problem. Nelson is acting like he has the nomination sowed up, and is sitting (or is he setting) on his campaign war chest. If he isn't nominated, whoever is will have their work cut out for them.
Even though this primary is lackluster for me, for those who are seeking to win their party's nomination, this vote is crucial. Those who make it that far will have to try to do it all over again in November. One thing that any candidate, regardless of party should do is just look the voter in the eye and tell them what you know and where you stand. After that, the rest is up to them.

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