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Saturday, October 24, 2009
Yes another hiatus,but we are back. It's been a busy Fall season for me, and I've been deprived of my good friend, Jane, who provides most of the inspiration for the comedy and the creativity that takes place here. We see each other occasionally and split a sandwich. She tears out the crust and gives it to me.
The Pheasant hunting season has been going well. By that, i mean there have been no reports of dogs getting skunked and all that jazz!
Denise Ross was at DWU with her documentary film, "Unplanned Democracy". It was well produced, directed, and edited. Political bias was not readily detected, at least not by me.
Since we last got together I see Dave Letterman got in the news for getting it on with a happening lady. In this case, it was not Mrs. Letterman, his wife of, what, 20 minutes. It was his assistant Stephanie "Monty" Birkett. Monty, as she was called, appeared on Letterman's show quite a bit. He said she was his girlfriend, and even though it was supposed to be a joke, as was Bonnie Hunt being his ex-wife, I had to wonder if this ditzy chick wasn't giving Dave a little something to get this camera time, as she had absolutely no stage presence at all. She was quite nice to look at, so i let that slide. As it happens, nobody is giving me a little something to appear on JTV. I can't even find someone to play Monopoly with around here.
Speaking of JTV, I lost the camera, so I went to Wal-mart to by another. This one is pink instead of black. It was the only camera available

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