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Saturday, February 07, 2009
Episode 5
Jerry went to the Super Bowl party on Campus instead of going to the library. He and his adopted Canadian sister Kandy had fun torturing people with a different kind of Pepsi Challenge. They would present people with two glasses of Pepsi and ask them which was Coke and which one was Pepsi. Not everyone saw the humor in that and let them know right away. Jerry shook his head and said, "What do you Americans know anyway?" Kandy did a take and replied, "Dude, you were born in this country! Stop pretending to be Canadian!"
Jerry ate too much and paid for it at Cybex Class. Jane wanted to study for the Psych test. She is worried because they haven't seen the results from the previous test, which she's sure she bombed. She shows Jerry a copy of her article for the class. "A present for you," she says with a smile. Jerry takes a deep breath and lets it out, then intones melodramatically, "Thank you, I shall treasure it always! Could you sign it for me?" After writing VOID across the page, she gives him the sought for autograph . he folds the paper up and places it in his shirt pocket. Jerry then puts his hand over the pocket like he's getting ready to say the Pledge of Allegiance.
The Phreno comes out a week late, but is well received. Jerry's Observatory article and restaurant review got the attention of the Journalism Department. He is asked to consider taking the Intro to Journalism Class. There may even be an internship at the Republic for him if he so chooses. Jerry is offered his own column in the Phreno as well. Some of his fellow Senators have approached Jerry about running for Student Body President. Jane is not impressed with Jerry's photo. It's too blurry! He needs to get it redone, she says. She also tells him she'll vote for him if he does run.
The test goes well for Jerry. The grades come back with two B's. Jane doesn't say what she got, but does tell Jerry to have a good weekend. She informs him that she and her boyfriend are going to Valentine, Nebraska for the weekend. Jerry takes in the news with a poker face. After all, she is over 21, making her own money. He wonders what exactly is going on, but realizes it doesn't matter. As far as she knows nothing has changed. Jerry will make sure it stays that way, for now.

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