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Sunday, February 15, 2009
Episode 7
Jane doesn't understand why Jerry spends so much time working on the food drive. She tells him that he is acting too much like a priest and needs to find a little girlfriend and have some fun.
"Oh really?" Jerry says with a sideways glance. "NOT ME!", She declares. "Find someone else! I'm living with someone and I love him!"
Jerry sees the Biology Club is selling flowers. He decides to take a closer look and sees that Seth and his girlfriend, Heather, are working the booth. "Are you gonna buy me flowers, Jerry?" Heather inquires. Jerry shakes his head, "If I did that, Seth would do me bodily harm." Heather comes back, "What if I threaten you with bodily harm if you don't? Jerry gives pause for thought ( a rare occurrence these days) then says, "Alright I'll give you a carnation, but I'm signing George Clooney's name to the card! Seth can track HIM down!" Heather then gives up.
Jerry spies a young lady wearing a yellow jacket and sitting at one of the tables in the library. He sees Jane talking on her cell phone, and inspiration hits him. He gives Seth and Heather an order for a red rose delivered to that lady in the yellow jacket. By the time the order is filled, she is in the bookstore. As Heather delivers the flower, Jerry goes to Jane and tells her what he did. Jane tells Jerry he should apologise to her, since they are strangers and all. Jerry lets Jane know right away that he is quite famous here. just about that time, he hears giggling coming from the bookstore. Jerry is worried at this point,but plays it cool. As the lady in yellow leaves the bookstore, Jane goes to her class. Jerry steels himself, and politely asks, "Have I offended you?" The lady says, "Oh no, in fact you have made my day!"
Later when Jerry meets up with Jane he informs her what she said. "Oh yeah!", She counters, "What's her name?"
"OK, you got me on that one!" Jerry shrugs.
The next day is Valentine's Day. Jerry is all alone, wondering where he went wrong. Just then he hears the keystrokes of the mail carriers computer. Jerry goes out to get the mail. He sees a letter from Compassion International. it is a personal message from Liz, the girl from Peru that he has been sponsoring. Well what do you know?", Jerry says. "Looks like someone likes me after all!"

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