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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Episode 3
Jerry turned in his SSL paper late, he also went into the Wellness Center to study up on his Cybex class. Jerry thought there is something kinda backwards about no classes and everything else opened on MLK day. Dr. King was a good man. He was a man of peace. Someone who wanted change, to write the wrongs of society. Schools should not be closed. They should be opened so the younger generation could learn about his struggle. Jerry went home and started reading his Business ethics chapter, after an episode of Gilligan on DVD.
Business ethics at 8 am is a challenge. few people are at the top of their mental game at that hour. If Dr. Mitchell minds the early hour, he doesn't let on. On the way to class Jerry hears on the radio that the high school marching band from the hometown of one of his friends is going to be in the inaugural parade. Something that fails to thrill her because she hates Obama. Oh well, Jerry thinks to himself. After class Jerry goes to the library and sees that CBS News is on a big screen with all of the inauguration preparation. He watches for a while, then Jerry remembers that he has to go to the bank and make a deposit. He figures if he hurries, he can make it back by the oath taking. Jerry enters Wells Fargo as everyone is gathered around the TV as the oath is administered. Jerry sees that it's only 11, and the oath was to be taken at noon. He realizes that it's noon in DC. After a while, he gets his banking done, and heads back to see the parade on the library's big screen. It was such a treat to see all of the living ex presidents. Carter looked well for 84, Jerry thought. Building houses must agree with him.
Jerry was double booked for most of the rest of the week. With his public Service research project, another SSL paper and two articles for the Phreno on top of fundraising for the MCC, he had to skimp. Kelly, being the project leader, took up most of the slack. Jerry got his SSL paper done a day early instead of three days late like last time. He also managed to get one article done and throw Muriel a birthday party at Pizza Hut before his History class.
At Cybex class everyone was to be lifting 10 more lbs than the started with. Some machines were harder than others. One machine was particularly difficult. Jane cheered him on, "you can do it", she kept chanting. Jerry finished the 8 reps and replied. "You were obviously a cheerleader in high school. "Not me", She shot back. After Cybex, Jerry went to the archives to look at some background for his other Phreno article. Jane was studying for the Psyhcology test later on that afternoon. "Are you ready for the test?" she asked, "I probably should start studying for that one" Jerry said. "Ya think!" Jane said with a laugh. she then turned serious, "I'm not sure I'm ready for this test", she intoned. Jerry put his hands together and said, "The Chinese have a saying that goes 'Most battles are won or lost before they are even fought'". Jane absorbs what Jerry is trying to tell her. She then declares, "I'm gonna win!"

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