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Saturday, January 31, 2009
Episode 4
Jerry found his cell phone while he was reading his Internship homework on FDR. All of the sudden the familiar stains of "Jingle Bells" ran out like a multitude of the heavenly hosts. The net morning he couldn't wait to tell everyone who had been looking that the lost had been found. He also changed the ring tone from "Jingle Bells to "Fanfare". Later on, He discovered the phone missing again. He convinced his good friend Nicole to call his number, because he was sure it was in his apartment, but no ringing. The next morning, he found it under a light dusting of snow. It worked, so he called Nicole to let her know he found it again. He was so happy that he decided to become a customer of Nicole in her Reliv business. This company makes the best breakfast drink in the world.
Meanwhile, the weather kept Jane from class on Monday. When she came back on Wednesday, Jane wanted to borrow Jerry's notes until she saw them and ridiculed his handwriting. Michelle was going to be gone on Thursday and Friday because a friend of hers from back home was dying of cancer. Jane had a speech in her class about what she would take with her should her home catch fire. Jerry went to Taco John's for breakfast, but made it back in time to listen to her practice the speech. As always, Jane was nervous, but Jerry taught her a few tricks that he thought would help, like imagining the audience on the toilet. Instead of helping, they made her giggle. There wasn't so much that Jerry could do but laugh with her.
This was raffle and silent auction week for MCC as well as Jerry had a Senate meeting on Tuesday morning. Jerry managed to get his SSL paper done on Thursday as well. He needs to read a little more in his WWII History class or he will lose his self proclaimed title of "King of History" (Jerry even bought a blue cap that he calls his crown)
Jerry's parents were supposed to have mailed his proof of insurance two weeks ago. He doesn't have it, and the current proof expires on February 9. Jerry knows this because one of Mitchell's boys in blue pulled him over for a defective tail light, which he has 10 days to fix.

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