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Saturday, January 17, 2009
Episode 2

Cybex Training gets a little more intense. Day one, Jerry could do 8 reps easy, then they went to 10, then 12. It gets a little intense. He's starting to wonder if he is going to be able to continue. Jerry is able to be himself around Jane a little easier, but still doesn't want to be too familiar. She ribs him about his Spiderman folder. "It was 84 cents at Wal-mart!" Jerry says, which startles her. "Kind of defensive about that!" she counters. Jerry calmly say, "Well, I am spending my own money"After Cybex, Jerry goes to the library to meet with Kelly, his research partner, for a big University project. While he waits he sees Jane again. "My pink folder was 89 cents," she says with a chuckle. "The extra 5 cents was well spent", Jerry replies nodding. She's working on a speech for her class and asks Jerry to look it over. He sees that she repeats herself a bit, and their should be there, but other than that he's impressed. She's a bit nervous because the speech has to last at least a minute. "You're gonna do great!", he reassures. Kelly comes in and they hit the ground running, Kelly was sick Wednesday night, and as the group leader she does most of the coordinating. Jerry insists that they have the best project in the competition. Kelly is not too sure. As they look over things, Jerry sees that Kelley really covered everything pretty well on her end, but thinks maybe he let the team down by not providing enough information. During their consultation with the professor, Kelly asks if she has too much information. After suggesting a few tweaks in Kelly's part the professor quits looking it over, and calls it good, for now anyway. Jerry wonders if that means his part was all right or it was even read.
At the TRIO luncheon, Jerry eats alone mulling over the reflection paper he hasn't started in his religion class. Tina, one of the rivals in the Public Service Research decides to sit next to him. He lets her know right away that her team will come in silver instead of gold. She take the news well, a far as he can tell. Tina may have her poker face on. They also discuss their presidential projects. Everyone in class must give a lesson on a modern president. Jerry has FDR, she has Bill Clinton. Tina, being Republican finds it challenging to be objective. "Every president is human", Jerry tells her. "They all had good points, and bad. The trick is to find the right balance."
After lunch Jerry gets cracking on the paper that is due today, time gets short, and he has to get off the computer to go to his job. Halfway to work, he realizes that he forgot to save the paper to his disc. It's still in the hard drive. He'll have to finish it in the library tomorrow. The next day, he sees that the library is closed and won't be open until next Monday at 8. MLK day! Jerry utters a stream of words worthy of having his mouth washed out with lemon juice. at least there are no classes on Monday. Nobody will ever know how stupid he truly was!

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