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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Episode 1
Jerry gets up and goes to Cybex Training. The class starts at 8, so he really has to get going. The class starts out with everyone warming up by walking on the treadmill, stair machine or the bicycles if need be. Jerry is walking on the treadmill next to Jane, one of the other students in the class. He notices that he is only walking at 3 mph, while she is going 4.2 mph. Of course, she younger and in better shape than Jerry so no big deal right. Well, Jerry increases speed little by little to just see if he can do it. He gets up to 4.2, but she's up to 4.7, at which time they have to go to the Cybex room. Michelle, another student notices Jerry is bench pressing 70 lbs while she presses 20-30. "Jerry is a beast!", she exclaims. "You're just a soft city girl!", He shoots back.
Later on a blizzard hits, Jane and Jerry meet in the library for Developmental Psych. Jane is worried that she won't make it home and wants to cut class. Jerry talks her into waiting, since it's only an hour and her last class. Jane notices that Jerry is a little worn out from this morning, and teases him about not being used to exercise. Jerry let's her know that it is easier that how he spent Christmas Vacation. "How's that?", she inquires. He then tells her how the water was froze up at the Ponderosa and he had to haul water to the house 10 gallons at a time like they were in a 3rd world country. He had to admit that big city life was making him a little soft as well.
After class he tells Jane to be careful during her 85 mile trip back home. "Remember that just because 75 is the speed limit, you don't have to drive it," he chimes. "I won't." she assures. As they part Jerry thinks about the determination it takes for Jane to come to DWU. She gets up at 5:30am to make it there by 8. Jane is usually the first one at the treadmills too. Her attitude is down to earth and friendly. He'd like to ask her to be his workout buddy, but--he shakes off the thought and goes to the post office to see if anyone has found his missing cell phone. No such luck! He goes outside to make his way to the Thrustmobile. as he gets into the car, the sun comes out and the snow stops blowing as the radio announcer says that night classes at DWU are cancelled for the evening.

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