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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obama Bimbo Eruption?
Those who thought that Barrack Obama would bring about Bill Clinton's third term will be disappointed to find out that, in least in one respect, it's not happening.
This photo of Joan Hansen, or Forrest City, Iowa, with Barrack Obama was taken during the Iowa Caucus. e can't see the face too good, but Jo says it's him, so until it can be proven otherwise, we'll believe her.
This is not a bimbo eruption, of course. Joan Hansen has too many morals, and too much sense to be lumped in with your average presidential groupie. We don't know what they are talking about, but if she is lobbying for the position of Librarian General, all of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope she gets due consideration. Jerry Hinkle was hoping to be nominated as Secretary of Sexy, but we have discovered that the cabinet position does not exist. That is just as well, since he doesn't know shorthand.
The World is a terrible thing to Mind
One of the reasons for our hiatus is that Jerry Hinkle is a staff writer and Student Senator for the Phreno Cosmian, Dakota Wesleyan's Student Newspaper. As with most publications of high standing, this one has a web presence. If you would like to see all, or even some of the articles that Jerry has knocked out for the Phreno during the fall term, check out the site at: http://www.dwu.edu/english/student.htm#phreno
Phreno Cosmian is Greek for "Mind of the World", or so the story goes.
North of 40: Setting the bar
by Red Green
Children have been rebelling against their parents since the beginning of time. In order to establish their own identity in the family, they feel they have to indulge in behaviors and attitudes that are not enjoyed by their parents. So if you have teen-agers that you care about, I recommend that you have your entire back tattooed, get some jewelry riveted to your face, wear your pants around the knees and never use a sentence that doesn't feature the f-word. Sure it may upset the other executives who work at your office, but you'll be forcing your kids to choose normalcy as their declaration of independence.

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