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Friday, October 31, 2008
Back in Business
After being gone for far too long all of us here at the Holabird Advocate have finally found time to blogcast to you, the Reader. Our Publisher has found it difficult to run the worldwide Hinkle Empire as well as perform all of his University. It turns out that he would rather be a staff writer than a Newsblog Publisher. He would rather be one of many Student Senators than the king of a vast domain. This is mostly because he's here art DWU anyway, so he's got to be part of the community. He will blog when he's able but things don't always cooperate. Keep on praying that the proper balance will come.
Big News from the Ditty Bops
Hi Everyone! We just got married! We are so happy that after 10 years together we could make our union legal in the State of California. However, there is a ballot measure in California which would eliminate the rights for same-sex couples to marry and would write discrimination against gays and lesbians into our state constitution. Please join us in voting NO on Proposition 8.
Last year during our FARM TOUR across America, we learned about industrial factory farming's abuse of farm animals. If you live in California, you have the opportunity to vote YES on Proposition 2, a ballot measure that will improve the lives of 20 million farm animals. It will put an end to some of the worst abuses of factory farming and allow chickens, pigs and calves the ability to stretch their limbs, lie down comfortably and turn around. Although there is much more work to be done on this front, Prop 2 is the best measure we have at this point.
And finally, we endorse Barack Obama for president. The current administration has stripped away many of our rights and environmental safeguards over the past eight years and it is time for a change. Barack Obama is the only candidate in position to protect our human rights and our environment. Join us in voting for Barack Obama on November 4th.
The Ditty Bops will be back on A Prairie Home Companion November 7 & 8th.
November 7, 20087:30 p.m. CTA live performance from The Fitzgerald Theater10 E. Exchange St.St. Paul, MN Ticket prices: $21.($2.00 discount for Minnesota Public Radio members.)
November 8, 20084:45 p.m. CTA live broadcast performance from The Fitzgerald Theater10 E. Exchange St.St. Paul, MN Ticket prices: $48, $38, $32.($2.00 discount for Minnesota Public Radio members.)
This show will be broadcast live 5:00-7:00 p.m. CT online and on national radio. Go to www.prairiehome.org for details.
Tickets available through The Fitzgerald Theater ticket office, either by phone for MPR members, or in person. Ticket office hours are noon–5:00pm Tuesdays–Fridays. Tickets also available through Ticketmaster Arts Line, by phone at 612-673-0404, Ticketmaster outlets, and online at www.ticketmaster.com.
North of 4o:'Best before...'
by Red Green
Wives tend to be extra sensitive about germs and bacteria and any unseen microorganisms that can hurt their family members. If a perfectly good T-bone steak gets a little paint on it, or a handful of mashed potatoes drops onto a gravel driveway, they quickly scoop them up and throw them into the trash. Men are much more resilient. If food is relatively chewable and more or less in the same range of color it started out in, they'll eat it. And they'll eat it quickly, before their wives confiscate it. Many wives are food police. Many husbands are repeat offenders. And the biggest law that separates the two sides is the "Best Before" date. How many tons of perfectly good food have been thrown out by a food cop just because it reached an arbitrary date, stuck on there by some marketing genius who realizes that once it expires, you'll need to buy more. Whenever you see a man in the middle of the night, sitting alone in a chair with the fridge door open eating everything in sight, you know that tomorrow is "Best Before" day.
Fun with YouTube
Robin Williams as the Flag
Robin Williams plays this pretty straight. Just in time for Election Day

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