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Saturday, September 06, 2008
Fall Term Starts at DWU
Classes for the Fall Term At Dakota Wesleyan University began on August 25. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has been busy just keeping up. Among his classes are Biology, Critical Thinking, Greek and Roman History, Death and Dying, Astronomy, and Biology Lab. Of course, Jerry does do other things. Jerry goes to Campus Worship and MCC on Thursday. He also goes to church at First United on Sunday, Pizza Hut on weekends. For the first time in a long spell, Jerry will be able to go to Koinonia tomorrow after working at the Hut from 11-3 that day instead of the evening.
Jerry has taken in a couple of the University soccer games, as well as joining the staff of the Phreno, The DWU newspaper. He will be covering the Theatre Department, as well as serving as the papers Student Senator (Did, I say, Did I hear somebody say "Senator").
Jerry is taking on quite a load, but he has a history of coming out on or at least near the top. Will the Lord be with him this term? Most assuredly! But sooner or later, Jerry may have to let something slide.
So Long, Good-bye
by Rev. Jerald E. Hinkle
Since we were last together a number of deaths occurred. Jerry Reed died earlier this week as did the "In a World..." movie trailer guy. Last week, two Hyde County men, Bob McKelvey and Ralph Myers passed from the scene. Death comes to all in its own time, ready or not. Bob and Ralph may not have the same world acclaim as the other two, but their passing will leave a void in the lives of family, friends, and neighbors. Jesus can fill the void! Lean on Him!
North of 40:Teen power
by Red Green
When you watch TV or look through magazines, it's amazing to me how many of the ads target teenagers. Or, at least it was amazing, until I found out that teens spend $154 billion a year. Teenagers are a dream come true for any advertiser. They have money in their pocket and almost nothing important to spend it on. Most of them have food and shelter and access to the family phone, so all of the basic needs are covered. And, they haven't been jaded by 30 years of buying things that bent, broke, blew up or shut down.
Now, OK, maybe teenagers don't make a lot of money per capita, but whatever income they have is disposable. So, they have no problem spending it on tattoos or body piercing rather than on heat and groceries. But, before you parents go off on a huge rant about how the advertisers are taking unfair advantage of our naive offspring, let's step back for a minute and realize where most of that $154 billion comes from -- allowances from you. I know you didn't mean for it to go this way. Giving your kids an allowance is you investing in the future. Well, I have seen the future, and it has a safety pin through one eyelid and wears its pants around its knees. I should probably criticize the teen spending patterns more often, but I was up in the attic the other day and came across my Capricorn medallion and platform disco boots.
Fun with YouTube
Never Sausage a Site!
It is not known where Granny Clampett saw this display, but we have it on good authority that everyone in Mitchell is fully dressed for for the Fall Season!

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