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Monday, July 28, 2008
Publisher Ready for "Chickenhouse"
Jerry Hinkle has requested and been given time off to see the last showing of "The Best Little Chickenhouse in Texas" at 2pm on Sunday, August 10. For the benefit of the local Readers, yes, Jerry is planning to wear the suit and bow tie, just as he has done every other time he goes to the Pepsi Cola Theatre as an audience member. He's hoping by then it won't be hotter that 12 feet of you know where.
Jerry is also going to do something a little different. Since taking Intro to Theatre, Jerry has learned how to write a proper review. Jerry plans on showcasing what he has learned from that class in general an Professor Dan Miller in particular on the Front Page of the Holabird Advocate. There will be some differences, however, in that the review. It will not be double spaced, in the MLA format, or 2 pages long (because it's not double spaced). Jerry will do his best to make Dan proud of him, or at least not ashamed. Some time ago, Dan told Jerry that he read the Holabird Advocate and was very complimentary. We'll see if he still reads it when the review is in.
Another Vacation?
Andrew Lennick is getting married next month to a gal named Jennifer Entringer in a private ceremony that our Publisher has been invited to. He has asked for time off from the Hut. Mary Hinkle seems to think that if Jerry gets time off, the Hinkle Family can have a reunion and do something fun together. You gotta admire that kinda faith!
The Honeymoon Continues
On July 5, 2008, Stephan Cuffey took Kassidee Kennedy to be his lawful wedded wife. At least, that's what we've been told. It's been reported that they had another ceremony. Well, with the prices they charge for wedding dresses, one should be able to use it again, eh!
The Kennedys put on a shindig for the happy couple in Wyoming. Harold and Mary Hinkle went to the reception and took Joyce Ferris along. Harold had little to report about the ceremony. He would only say that he ate too much. No word on if the Kennedy-Cuffeys will include the Corn Palace on their honeymoon itinerary. We wouldn't blame them if they didn't come. After all, Jerry Hinkle was lucky to get the two invites that he got, let alone coming over to see his worthless self. The best they could hope for as a wedding gift from Jerry is a Mississippi Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwich, and they'd probably have to share it
Not much is known about Stephen other than his good taste in life partners. He comes from, we believe, Indiana. As for where he's going. Well if he meets Kassidee's family and still sticks with her he's going to be fine. Besides ice cream sandwiches, Jerry can make this pledge, on their 60th anniversary, he will offer his services to renew their vows absolutely free. Of course, by then gasoline will be $100/oz. or better.
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish Stephen and Kassidee well on their life together. Happy Trails, and as E.E. Hinkle would say, "God be with you and do the best you can!"

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