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Thursday, July 24, 2008
Baby Sandlin Due in December
Just when we thought there was nothing to write about, the Father in Heaven drops a big story right from the morning sky. It was reported earlier today that Representative Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and her husband-her husband, um-Mr. Sandlin (Lucy, find out the name of Stepanie Herseth's husband, would you, please!) are expecting a baby in early to mid December. Christmas is gonna be real special at the Max Sandlin house (Thanks, Lucy!). It is safe to assume that boy or girl, this is one child that won't be on Emily's list. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate wish the prospective parents well on this latest undertaking. As for names, well our Publisher has a few ideas. For a boy, Ralph, of course. For a girl, He's partial to Bergit. If either of these names are used, he'll throw in a baptism absolutly free! He won't even charge for the water or the paperwork (not that ya'll can't afford it, eh!).
Newsblog Shoot's to #2
The latest Blog$hare ratings have placed the Holabird Advocate just behind a blog called The Open Window (The address is: http://theopenwindow1.blogspot.com/ in case your interested. Being in the Avis position, perhaps we should try a little harder. Is Avis even in business anymore?If we have to be #2, we are glad it's to a site of this caliber.
Is Johnson Re-Electable?
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
Last Saturday, a lovely young lady from Mississippi was looking for volunteers for Senator Tim Johnson. Well, I took the bait! I'm a sucker for a pretty girl's smile, a southern accent, and good manners. This gal has all three in spades!
Now I'm starting to wonder if I did wrong. I heard a radio statement made by our senior Senator, and I'm not sure he's up to the job. Senator Johnson's health has not in the pink since his little episode in December of 2006. I'm not the only one who seems concerned either. Both Doug Lund and Bernie Hunhoff have brought up the subject online. The latest flap seems to be over the Dakota Fest debate in Mitchell. Some are wondering if Johnson should debate or not. If he does debate, and performs badly, the rest of the voters might get the same uneasy feelings I have. If he doesn't the rest of the voters will know he isn't up to the job. Fact is, debate is part of a Senator's job in Washington. He might be good for a filibuster, but I'm not sure he will be able to speak up for South Dakota as well as he should. Now this is coming from a lifelong Democrat AND a campaign volunteer! Imagine what the Republicans are thinking!
Of course, it's to late to do something about the situation now. He's the Democratic candidate, and if anyone doesn't like it, HARD CHEESE! We're going to have to pray that one way or the other, that the voters of South Dakota make the right decision on November 4 and take what we get. One thing I know for sure, is that if Johnson can overlook the fact that one of the people working on his behalf is from Mississippi, I can overlook the fact that he speaks a little slower than what society calls normal. In the interest of equal time, I'll be praying for both Johnson and Joel Dykstra. Like the voters, they have hard decisions to make. I pray we all make the right choice for November and in November and beyond!

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