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Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Publisher Gets Back Home
It has been a busy week for Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle. He left the Ponderosa on his birthday, because he had to work at the Hut at 5pm. He visited Lillian Larson and Esther Butzman for a spell. Esther was glad to hear that Sheldon Bright was home with Helen. As Jerry continued back home, he had a tire blow out somewhere between Vayland and Wessington in a region that he is calling "cellphone hell" because of the poor reception. It didn't help that his battery was running low as well. Jerry was so used to seeing two spare tires in the trunk that he couldn't find them when he needed them, because they haven't been there for some time. All he could find was a tire with no rim. He didn't know about the donut in the secret compartment that all Park Avenue's have. A fellow from Dell Rapids let Jerry borrow his cell phone and he called the Ponderosa for help. Harold and Darrel Hinkle had to go over and change the tire because they were not able to tell him about the aforementioned donut in the secret compartment. The fellow also took Jerry to the Wessington grocery store, where he charged up his phone because he didn't have one that plugs into his car. By the time Jerry got back to the car, Darrel and Harold had the tire changed and told him what to do next time that happened. Jerry had to call Pizza Hut to let them know he would be late, which he was able to do on the 281 turn off to Alpena, when the reception came back. He was an hour and 15 minutes late, but he made up the time by staying late as well.
Hinkle Going to "Texas"
Even though he didn't get the part of the Governor in "The Best Little Chicken house in Texas", Jerry decided he should at least check it out, just to see how they'll do it without him. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate think they will manage just fine, as the ACT has a superb company of players.
Jerry went to the Antique Mall and bought a reserve ticket for in the H section for the closing Matinee performance on August 10. Now all he as to do is make sure he can get the afternoon off from the Hut. If he volunteers to work from 6pm until closing time, he should have it in the bag
North of 40:Computer reality
by Red Green
They say to err is human, but to really foul things up takes a computer. And yet, we've let them take over our lives. Once microchips got a foothold in our homes, there was nothing to stop them taking control of our cars, our workplace, even our power tools. Computers just kept making things smarter, safer and more efficient despite our best efforts. Then groups of them started linking up to form the World Wide Web, and it was all over. It's turned an entire generation into Cyber Zombies. When I was young, it was "Tune in, turn on, drop out." Now it's "Boot up, log on, zone out." Over the last few decades, computers have slowly but surely taken over every aspect of human life, and there are those of us who have resisted them every step of the way from punch cards to PCs. I salute the effort but I'm here to tell you the battle is over -- we lost. Badly. The Palm Pilots have landed. Lay down your arms and get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome like everyone else. The enemy's at the gates. The enemy may even be named Gates.
A Special Card of Thanks
41 Becomes 40 Wonderful!
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
I want to thank all of those who sent cards, letters, some even sent cash. Just so you know, I bought a tank of 10% ethanol with it. There is still time to contribute to the "Whiskey Creek Steakhouse Research Fund" You may wish to consult with Mary Hinkle, or your own accountant, to see if it's tax deductible. Also thanks to the person who sent the Ditty Bops Calendar! a little late for New years, but I can catch up!
Sorry that I've not been writing more. It's just that not much has happened here there or anywhere lately that I consider newsworthy.

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