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Thursday, July 17, 2008
Publisher Learns to Loaf

Jerry Hinkle has really been putting the rubber to the road for the last few months. He motored up to the Ponderosa last Sunday for a little relaxation. He started out his vacation by being driven to Onida to see Mike and Pat Gailband, their son, Charles, and two of their grandchildren, whose names have been forgotten. Howard and Tudy Brown organized a nice little get together. Don and LaRayne Hinkle were not in attendance as we had been lead to believe, but that did not take away from the pleasure of the afternoon. Jerry was recognized right away by the DWU hat and George McGovern T-shirt he wore. Harold and Mary Hinkle also took Jerry to see Sheldon Bright. Sheldon's wife, Helen Bright, has actually heard of the Holabird Advocate. We are world famous in Onida as well!

Jerry has also been introduced to all of the chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, and other bird life at the old Goehring Place. They must produce 2 dozen eggs a day down there. Justin Hinkle let it be known that their prize tom turkey, "Turkey Bites" and prize rooster, "George" were not to be eaten no matter how hungry Jerry was to get this week

Jerry has to get back to Mitchell to wear pink on his birthday at the Hut! Loafing was fun while it lasted, but it's time to get back to work!

Eastlake Hits 1000+

Our Publisher has just checked the latest figures and the Eastlake High YouTube Video featuring Jauhn Hinkle in the duel role of Mr Hinkle and the can of "Ill" has met and surpassed it's 1000 hit mark. At last report, they had 1067 hits and rising. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate give the video the "thumbs up". The little old lady playing Michael Jackson role was quite amusing. The three stunt double break dancers were also superb. We do ask that the good folks at Eastlake would please keep us abreast of the progress of your teacher in her fight against this nasty brain cancer.

Nemec Makes Senate Run

Just when Jerry was thinking of registering to vote in Kornfield County, it has been reported that Nick Nemec is making a second run for the South Dakota State Senate in District 23. This information was found out be reading it in the Highmore Herald instead of being directly contacted for our endorsement (Lucy, get Tom Hackl on the phone, please!). Actually we can't blame Nick for ignoring us. After all, our little Newsblog isn't as reliable as it has been in the past. even then it hasn't been that reliable. Perhaps he wants us to endorse the other guy. He's tricky that way. Either way, we'll hold off endorsement talk until after Labor Day.
North of 40:Grandchildren should be seen
by Red Green
A lot of people my age have grandchildren. That has to be the best of all worlds. All the good parts of being a parent without any of the consequences. You play with the kid until he gets on your nerves, and then you take him home. You can give him a pony for his birthday and not have to worry about where he's going to keep it. Spoiling your grandchildren is the nicest way to get back at your kids.

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