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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
Publisher Done With Summer School
Anne Frank has been receiving most of the blame for putting Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, behind at DWU. He has not been showing up for work as often as he should, and that has placed out little Newsblog from #1 to #7 in the Blog$hare ratings in South Dakota. But the Spring term is over, and after Jerry turns in the paper that is 1.5 months overdue tomorrow morning, he will be done with Summer School. Then he will have 1.5 months to get back to #1 before the Fall term starts. Just to remind the longtime Readers, Jerry's class on Ancient Greek History has a 1500 page textbook. He also has Religion, Astromony, and Philosophy. On top of that he has Biology with a 7:30 am lab on Thursday. We must remember of course, that he did sign up for all of that himself, and nobody placed a gun to his head.
Hinkle to go Back to His Roots
Now that Summer School is over Jerry Hinkle will be able to motor on up to Holabird. He has the day off from the Hut next Sunday, so he will get up that morning and get over to the Ponderosa in time to be the surprise guest of Don and LaRayne Hinkle of Bonita, California, who are apparently putting on some kind of luncheon somewhere in Onida that afternoon. Harold Hinkle may be planning this as a surprise, so placing an article about this in a Newsblog that is read the whole world over may release the cat from the bag. Of course, Jerry might meet up with a pretty blond co-ed and forget to show up at all. THAT would be a surprise!
Preview of East of Westreville
Jerry Hinkle was among those invited to George McGovern's Birthday at the McGovern Library tomorrow evening. The band East of Westreville will be playing there. Tonight they played at the DWU Campus Center as part of the United Methodist Church's Historical Society convocation. They presented a show of Bluegrass Gospel music, which the Methodist Church is not famous for, but it was well received. People from as far away as Ohio were at this event.
This was a presentation of The Comfort Theatre Company. For more information about this and other presentations, their website is www.comforttheatre.com
North of 40:Talking shop
by Red Green
In order to regain credibility and acceptance in the areas of social conversation, I'm asking all middle-aged men to avoid the following topics:
Your colonoscopy;
Anything to do with Viagra, especially the results;
The high price of Advil;
How young your boss is;
How great you once were;
Other people your age who are already dead.

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