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Friday, May 30, 2008
Publisher Makes Comeback
Readers! Your long worldwide nightmare is over! For a while at least. It has been more than a month since any of us here at the Holabird Advocate has had anything to report. After the Spring term ended, Summer school got into full swing. Our Publisher has been busy, and despite calls for people to either do his Homework or his Newsblog for him, he's been on his own. Not only that, people have let him know under no uncertian terms that only he could do either his homework or his Newsblog justice.
It must be noted that when the Holabird Advocate was active, we were the #1 rated blog in Blog$hares. Now we are down to #7, which is lucky for some, but not us.
Presidents Come to Mitchell
Former President Bill Clinton is going to be appearing at DWU this afternoon to campaign on behalf of his wife. He is scheduled to appear at 4pm. Our Publisher may be in attendance but will not have photos. He plans to report what happened one way or the other.
Future President Barrack Obama will be appearing at the Palace of Corn in beautiful downtown Mitchell. Nothing short of fire, flood, famine, pestilence, or a blond co-ed will keep our Publisher away from that appearance. If he can figure out how to run the digital camera he got for Christmas last year, we might get off some good shots.
By the way, Obama is our choice for President even though he thinks there are 58 states. Our Publisher knows of only 48, so one of them is wrong.
North of 40:The defense rests
by Red Green
Whenever you see a married couple telling a story to a third party, there is a drastic shift in the relationship and dynamic between them. The person who's telling the story, in most cases the wife, becomes the Prosecutor, while the person who the story's about, in all cases the husband, becomes the Defense Attorney. The third party, who is usually a friend or neighbor, becomes judge and jury. Unlike formal court procedures, these trials have very few rules. There is no prerequisite to present evidence or provide witnesses or most importantly, to tell the truth. The two quasi-lawyers start with the summations and then just interrupt each other at will, imploring the judge to see it their way. The judge on the other hand has no hard evidence to make a decision and ultimately sides with the person they like, which puts the friendship in jeopardy. So I suggest that if you and your wife have a story to tell, never tell it together. Let her tell it her way to her friends, and you tell it your way to yours. Neither one of you is telling the story the way it actually happened anyway, so the outcome is not relevant or important. And if you ever do get into a situation where you accidentally find yourselves telling a story simultaneously to the same person, ask for a recess, take your wife aside and settle out of court.
So Long Louise
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic
Publisher of the
Holabird Advocate
I have saved the best story for the very last. This article, in fact is why I have opened up the curtain on this edition and volume. My dad told me this morning that Louise Henderson Moss Hjordt died earlier this month. Not only have I and indeed all of us here at the Holabird Advocate lost a good friend, but Hyde county and the world has lost a great lady. My one big regret in all this mess was that I had no idea that she was even sick. Whenever I saw her, Louise was always this strong, yet kind and compassionate person who seemed always ready to to have fun. I never had the opportunity to talk to Louise of spiritual matters, but the way she lived her life in front of me gives me every indication that she is in the place where the strength, compassion, and fun never runs out! So long Louise!
I will have a proper obituary for this great lady at my earliest convienience

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