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Friday, February 22, 2008
Back to the A Team
After reeling from the C in Expository writing, Jerry Hinkle managed to get an A on the Ethics and Public Policy midterm. It was a well timed boost. Of course, Jerry can't take all the credit. He has a good instructor in Dr. Simmons, who is easily one of the wisest men Jerry has ever met. Of course, Jerry prays a lot, and that never hurts. He doesn't always get what he wants, but Jerry always gets what he needs. One can't ask for too much more than that!
Jerry and Simon Reunite
It has been a long time in coming, but Jerry Hinkle has been thinking about getting together with the man who played "Simon" at the "Wesleyan Idol" competition. "Simon" is actually Kevin Farley, the Men's Soccer coach at DWU. Jerry wanted to invite Coach Farley to "The Diary of Anne Frank" personally to as Jerry put it, "make up for forcing him to listen to me sing, since I'm a better actor than I am a singer" Mr. Farley stated that not only did he enjoy Jerry's singing performance, there are times when he misses it. Jerry enjoyed Mr. Farley's turn as "Simon" as well. Jerry look forward to his review of the play.
Publisher Has Small Wreck
While getting into a space at the parking lot across the street from McGovern Hall, Jerry Hinkle didn't turn quite sharp enough an bumped into another vehicle. Nobody was injured and insurance is taking care of the damage. Life in the big city has provided another lesson outside of the classroom.
New "Anne Frank" twists.
Thursday night, Jerry Hinkle was informed that his character, Alfred Dussel is going to be pistol whipped by a Nazi. This will give Jerry the chance to stretch his acting muscles in order to make it look real. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that this latest development doesn't prove too shocking for his grandmother, Agnes Hahn, who is planning to be in the audience on March 28. We've also heard that Harry and Dianne Macek may be joining the group as well.

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