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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Publisher Gets First "C"
Those glory days on the Dean's list may be a thing of the past, for now. Just as Jerry hinkle was thinking of a run for Student Senate, he gets a C on his first essay for Expository Writing. Too much tense shifting and "To Be " verbs. At least he's a good editor. Jerry edited the paper of a classmate, and got an A for his efforts. Jerry must also learn the difference between a run-on and a comma splice. Why must he do this? To pass Expository Writing, of course.
On the bright side the MCC is having a movie night. The movie is Amistad. It is free, as well as the candy drinks and pizza. And guess who will be in charge of getting the pizza. Student Senate candidate Jerry "Big Guy" Hinkle. Luckily the big guy had connections in the pizza industry.
Consolidation Passes
Our good friends at the Dakota Radio Group tell us that a plan to consolidate the Harrold and Hyde school districts was approved by voters in both districts Tuesday. Patrons in the Harrold district passed the plan by a vote of 129 for and 13 against. Superintendent Ward Thelen is happy with the 53% turnout and with the outcome of yesterday’s vote. In the Hyde district, the unofficial vote count showed 353 votes for the change and 66 against. Business Manager Mark Chilson says the turnout in the Hyde District was about 33%, which he classifies as average compared to recent school elections. He says the Hyde District has about 1,250 voters. Chilson says the consolidation plan will go into effect July 1. He says an election will be held the third Tuesday in April to set up a school board for the newly created Highmore/Harrold School District. Seven people will be needed to fill spots on the new school board with three openings for three-year terms, two openings for two-year terms and two openings for a one-year term. Thelen says the Hyde District will take on the Harrold students with most of the older students attending school in Highmore starting next year. The Harrold elementary school is to remain open-as long as numbers show that 20 students are enrolled at the school.
North of 40:Watch out for the plus-minus
by Red Green
I was watching hockey on television when I heard the sportscasters talk about a player's "plus-minus." This statistic represents the number of goals scored by his team while he's on the ice, minus the number of goals scored against his team while he's on the ice. For a good player it's a positive number, for a not-so-good player, it's not so positive.
I wondered whether this stat could ever be applied to a married man. His plus-minus would be the number of happy times his wife has when she's with him, minus the number of unhappy times his wife has when she's with him. If it's a positive number, he'll probably finish his career on her team. But if it's a negative number, he'll probably be traded for someone younger, and future considerations.

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