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Saturday, February 09, 2008
Another Week Shot
Well, We have been behind on a lot of things here. Last Saturday, our Publisher took Ground Hog Day off to eat a Sausage McGriddles at a local resruaunt which shall remain nameless. anyhow, after downing the sandwich Jerry left McDonald's (you were expecting maybe Burger King?) to go outside. No shadow, so that supposedly means an early spring. (Hint, look at the top of the Front page to see how accurate that is, eh!) Afterward, he went to Cabela's to see the boat show. If only the boats had been inside.
Tuesday was Pancake day and openning rehersal for "The Diary of Anne Frank" Before rehersal, Jerry ate 14 pancakes and two great big sausages. At the rehersal, Director, Dan Miller, instructed his cast not to cut their hair and lose 30 lbs. He was kidding about the last part, of course. Still, Jerry could use the Lenten season of sacrifice as a way to fit into the part he is to play a little easier. There are vital links to "The Diary of Anne Frank" for anyone so inclined to read them. Any questions can be answered on a need to know basis.
Jerry may be taking a cue from Ana Nemec and cutting back on internet time. he really been feeling the squeeze here lately. We may cut back to once a week. Perhaps Wednesday unless something earth shattering takes place. Either that or someone else could Publish this Newsblog or do Jerry's homework.
Postcard From Home
by Mary Hinkle

We sorted off 38 replacement heifers yesterday as Darrel is selling calves on Friday in Fort Pierre. That's about all that is going on here. I start teaching a small group at church on Tuesday called "Treasures of the transformed life, satisfying your soul's thirst for more" by John Ed Mathison. On Friday I will go to UMW. There is no school Friday for parent-teacher conferences. Everyone here is fine. We take Mom to Pierre on the 14th to have her eyes tested. I am working on our income tax now.
Congratulations on your part in the play. You will do a good job. Let us know for sure when it will be and if we need reserved seats. Mom is interested in coming and Joan and Ken said they may drive over and make a weekend of it. Harold and I will be there. If we need to reserve our seats be sure and let us know so we can get that done.
Love, Mom and Dad
North of 40:Off-hand questions, on-target answers
by Red Green
I've been married for quite a while. In fact, I've been married longer that I was single. You'd sense that in a flash if you saw me in person -- the hunched shoulders, the cautious gait, the avoidance of eye contact. And if there's one thing I've learned about women in all this time, it's that you have to watch out for the off-hand questions. Don't worry about the straight-out, interrogation-style stuff where she stands directly in front of you and asks, "Where have you been?" or "Do you know what time it is?" or "Why is the shed on fire?" Those are the easy ones. You can say anything you want because she's already guessed the answer and probably doesn't even expect one.
The important questions are way sneakier. She'll be reading the paper or looking for something in the fridge or removing her make-up, and she'll put on her most casual just-making-conversation voice and say "Did you notice that blonde woman in the blue dress?" Your instincts tell you to say "no" -- but don't do it. Just say, "Which woman?" She'll then say, "The one you were talking to over by the pool." (Aren't you glad you didn't say "no"?) Now you have a problem because this next answer will determine your immediate future, especially if it's bedtime. More important than the content of this answer, it must be the perfect length and tone. She asked in a fake-casual way, and your answer should match. Eight words are perfect. Any more or less, and your wife'll be suspicious.
I suggest, "She's our new receptionist. I think she's gay."
Links for Anne Frank
Tickets: http://myweb.dwu.edu/damiller/tickets.htm
MACT: http://www.mitchellact.org/

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