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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Publisher Found Out at DWU
So much for Jerry Hinkle being incognito. South Dakota Magazine Publisher, Bernie Hunhoff has recently let Dr. Simmons of the DWU Leadership and Public Service in on what Hinketons all over the world already know. That our Publisher is more than just a sophomore student of Religion. Not much more, but that's all right. It seems that cat is out of the bag that he is a world famous blogger with numerous contacts all across the country and around the world. Berlin, Germany for one. Dr. Simmons lobbied for the position of "Person of the Year", but that honoree has already been selected. Look for that next month at the start of our 72nd Issue.
Going Around the World
The DWU MCC put on an event called "Around the World". Several nations and nationalities were represented. As an MCC member, Jerry Hinkle was there to help out where needed. He managed to go around the world as well. He ate African chocolate, Norwegian goat cheese, and something called plantains, which is something like fried bananas. Elvis was really on to something there. There was also Colombian coffee, which will come in handy when Jerry has to close at Pizza Hut tonight. Of course each booth had some of the basic cultural information as well. It was a real learning experience.
Hinkle Awarded Loan Grants
Last month Jerry Hinkle put in for three Loan-Grant. He was awarded The Sorensen Loan Grant and the Nina Zeller Loan-Grant., which will add and extra $2260 to his financial aid package. a loan-grant is a grant that turns into a loan should the recipient end their educational pursuits. Sort of like the "Judge Judy" cases where a gal gives her boyfriend money as a gift, but when the relationship goes sour, it becomes a loan.

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