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Thursday, November 15, 2007
Invasion of the B's
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate chalk it up to too much Wesleyan Idol. Two out of three of Jerry Hinkle's latest tests came back with a B. The third is "A work in progress". Jerry just added History as minor. Too bad he got an 87 out of 100 on the test. Philosophy of Life was another sticky area. this time it was 33 out of 40. Still we can't complain too much. Back in high school, Jerry would have had to sell his soul to get a B.
Postcard from Iowa
by Ken Hansen
Hello again: This is your Uncle Ken and ‘college prof,’ super-critic: In one of your last “Holabird Advocate” postings, you said your were “Idol no more.” It would seem that with all of the activities you’re getting involved in, you’re “idle” no more! In your most recent posting, however, you state that your friend introduced you as an “idle.” If you’re involved in all that the “Advocate” says you are, it would seem that you’re becoming an “IDOL.” Get ‘em separated. College profs [and, especially, the “grammarian” lot] are a picky, picky, picky bunch.
Seriously, if you’ve got stuff to submit for grades, send it on and I’ll be glad to proofread it for you. Your Aunt Joan is an astute grammarian, also.
Regarding writing, some of my favorite quotes are: “Only a fool would write, except for money.” [Ben Jonson] . . . and “The pursuit of excellence is commendable; the pursuit of perfection is neurotic!” Best wishes in your new found career as a student; sounds like you’re enjoying it.
Uncle Ken
Translating English for the Professor
by Jerry Hinkle
I was quite confused about the idol/idle mix up, and actually had to read what I wrote. What I found was that everything is as it should be. "Idol no more" meant that I was not part of the Wesleyan Idol competition. I went from idol to idle. That's why I'm referred to as the "Wesleyan Idle" in the other post. that was my reference, not Scott's. His parent's are really nice too. I was shocked to see that they are both around my age, then I remembered where I was.

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