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Wednesday, November 21, 2007
New Home Office IS the Home Office
Prairie Deacon Media, parent company of the Holabird Advocate, is proud to announce that we have officially moved our International Headquarters to McGovern Hall. Getting Internet was tricky, because the computer kept insisting it was still in Holabird and that Venture Rushnet was it's ISP. The Tech Support Guy found a way around that. The service is quite fast considering it's only $19.95. Of course service slows down when you have three windows open.
Publisher Goes on Vacation
Both DWU and Pizza Hut decided that they don't need Jerry Hinkle around until next Monday. So effective at noon today, Jerry will be on vacation, and the Holabird Advocate will be closed during that time barring any unforeseen big news events. He's got to get packed up and decide whether or not to take a bath. Jerry plans on getting a haircut, getting the oil in his car changed, and seeing his family before he goes back to Kornfield County. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would like to thank you, the Readers, who helped out with that by your prayers.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!
North of 40:Big is Good
by Red Green
"You don't have to think fast if you move slow."
I've had a chance to study many of the inexplicable aspects of male behavior throughout my life, and the one that continues to impress me is man's ability to stand and wonder at some amazing feat that has absolutely no practical application to life as we know it.
For example, there's an annual contest where men build huge catapults and then use them to see how far they can throw a Buick.
I've never been there, but I'm guessing the spectators are predominantly male. Men will always choose magnitude over content.
Give us a huge fireball or an earth-shattering collision or even just a really loud noise, and we'll line up for tickets. We don't care about the long-term benefits. The more frivolous the huge thing is, the better we like it. Most men believe that no matter how useless something is, if you make it big enough, it becomes worthwhile. That's probably why most of us overeat.

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