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Monday, November 19, 2007
"Mr. Whipple" Dies at 91
Actor Dick Wilson, who player grocer, George Whipple, for over 2 decades died earlier today. He line, "Don't squeeze the Charmin" was one of the most remembered commercial tag lines. When Procter and Gamble retired the Mr. Whipple character, they offered Wilson a lifetime supply of toilet paper. Looks like it's the end of the roll for him!
Publisher Gets Credit

The good folks at the Ponderosa must have read that Jerry Hinkle is in bill paying mode these days. They sent him his Visa bill. They must figure since he's making the big buck at Pizza Hut, that he can fend for himself. Why not? He'll never learn any younger!
For those of you who care, the check has gone to the Post Office and on the way to Visa Headquarters as we speak. Jerry even bought stamps with his Visa card. That's what all of us here at the Holabird Advocate call the Circle of Life.

Waiting for the Word

Everyone seems to want to know the same thing from our Publisher. Is he going home for Thanksgiving? He's wondering that himself, but the week's schedule won't be posted until tomorrow night. He's asked for at least 3 of the 4 day weekend off. He's even volunteered to work on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day. Will he get at least 3 days? All we can do is pray. He is in desperate need of a haircut, oil change and to see his family again.

Early Christmas for Mitchell

Santa Claus is coming to the Corn Palace at 4 pm today. Even without snow, Mitchell has managed to get Santa to attend their Holiday of Lights on Main street tonight at 7 pm. Since Jerry Hinkle has the day off from Pizza Hut, he just may check it out. Providing the Midcontinent guy gets done installing Internet in McGovern hall by then.

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