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Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Argus Covers Huber Shooting
It has come to our attention that the shooting death of Pam Huber has attracted the attention of the media from as far way as Sioux Falls. The Argus leader had this to say about the latest tragedy in Hyde County:
One of the comments in the reply section of this article puts down the Holabird School system. None of us here at the Holabird Advocate found that funny. You can blame stupidity on many things in this world, but not the Holabird School system. Mainly because it doesn't have one.
More from Don Grungio
Don Grungio and his Friends are fast becoming some of our most valuable Readers. They call themselves Hinkletons, in honor of our Publisher. Other than that we know precious little about Don Grungio and the Hinkletons, other than they sound like a hot musical act.
So Don, Tell us more. Where do you come from? What brought you to Holabird? Is your life so empty that you really live for an edition of our little Newsblog? Next time your in Mitchell, drop us a line and our Publisher may meet you at the Corn Palace for a Mud Pie Ice Cream Sandwich
(Our Publisher's favorite).
North of 40:Marital shorthand
by Red Green
After you've been married for a while you develop a way of communicating that does not require language. All it takes is a look or even a subtle change in body language, and your partner knows immediately what's being communicated. For the inexperienced, here are some examples of marital shorthand:
If your wife looks at you, you've done something wrong.
If your wife smiles at you, she's done something wrong.
If your wife raises an eyebrow, reverse your position immediately.
If your wife raises a glass, cancel your evening appointments.

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