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Monday, November 26, 2007
Parents to Publisher: Dude, You're Getting a Dell

OK, they didn't exactly quote Stoner Steve just then. That fact aside, Harold and Mary Hinkle provided their oldest son with a Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop computer. Jerry needs it for the Power Point presentation that he is giving tomorrow morning sometime between 8-9 am. His will be the second presentation of the day.

We won't divulge the exact purchase price, but they did get a sweet deal on the unit(nobody haggles like a Hinkle). Jerry has discovered that on top of Power Point, he can also play Minesweeper and Spider Solitaire. He also found out that the battery doesn't last long on there. Just one viewing of the presentation and a game of Spider Solitaire and the power was at 79%. It gos without saying that he'd going to have to be on his guard while toting that unit around as well. Not every kind of damage is protected in the warranty. And he'll also have to be keeping an eye on it so it doesn't get stolen.

Nemecs Host Hunt.

The Holabird Area provided a nice sort of central location for all of the major Bloggers (except us, of course) to get together and hunt with either rifle or camera. Looks like our Publisher chose the wrong time to go on vacation. Actually this little get together took place just as Jerry was coming back to Mitchell. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are glad Ya'll had fun. Holabird is the best place to have fun in. The Corn Palace: a distant second.
Prayer List Update
by Jerry Hinkle
While back home this weekend, I saw that our neighbors to the east in Highmore are still hurting because of Pam Huber's shooting death. People are displaying purple ribbons all over and declaring "Justice for Pam". Let's hope she gets some. I've also heard that Bob McKelvey was able to be home for Thanksgiving, but have not had that confirmed. That's good news if it's happened. Dad claimed he saw Allen and Dot Hanson in Pierre last Friday. No word on if they saw him. I'm assuming all is well with them too.

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