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Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Publisher Becomes Finalist
Despite what he may think, Jerry Hinkle qualified to be one of the finalists for "Wesleyan Idol". Ellie Peterson, one of Jerry's Intro to Public Service classmates, told him that yesterday morning. Justin Mitchell, one of the organizers of the contest, confirmed it that afternoon by saying, "You're going to Hollywood!"
Not quite, Justin.
Postcard From Home

by Mary Hinkle

We went to Harrold to Otto Butzman's funeral today. They had a nice crowd with a little over 100 people. He was buried in the Onida cemetery. We rode up to Onida to the burial with Pastor Martin. George, Ken, and Ron are hunting here this afternoon. Harold is with them. They went up to Spring lake to hunt now. They have had good hunting. They have gotten their limits each day. Scott went home Monday. We went in to Mom's for supper last night. Ken grilled some Iowa chops. Bonnie, Tracy, and Leanne were also there. Sunday night we had pheasant that Joan had cooked and sent out with Ken and Mom cooked. We got there from the Women of Faith about 5:00 PM. The hunters were home early from hunting. They saw a lot of birds and got their limit by 4:00. Kristi and the kids also came in for supper. Wilbur and Lynette went home Monday morning. We had a good time in St. Paul. Joan, Phyllis, Colleen, Lynette, Dianne, Leanne and I all stayed at the Crowne Plaza hotel which was nice because we could walk to the Arena where it was held. We shopped at IKEA and Mall of America Friday before we went to the convention but we didn't buy much. We plan on going again next year. The speakers were all very good and we laughed a lot and were inspired to enjoy our life and to live for Christ. Mom, Bonnie, and Roxie went to Sioux Falls for a baby shower for Andrew and Jennifer's baby. They stopped and visited at Rhonda's in Wessington on the way home. Lynell and Sam were there so they got to see the new baby and Greg and Rhonda's new house. Andrew and Jennifer stopped and visited Mom on their way back to Rapid City. Doug flew to Atlanta on Sunday. He is going to a training session in Alabama this week. They took the bus from Atlanta to the town in Alabama where his training is being held. Darrel is combining corn over at Larry's today. It is nice; but rather windy today. Saturday morning I plan on going to Pierre to help make kuchen that Die Deutsche Gleider will sell at the Zonta Craft Fair. Other than that we will be home and do our normal thing. Ken and George are going home tomorrow.

Life and Times of Otto Butzman

Otto Butzman was born September 21, 1908, in Lippeledem Provence of Prozen Germany, to Edward and Ida (Rudolph) Butzman. The family immigrated to the United States in 1910. Edward came in March, settling with a cousin northeast of Blunt and Ida and the five children followed in September. In 1918, they moved four miles north to their own farm. It was located nine miles east and one mile south of Onida. Otto attended rural school and then worked on the family farm. In 1932, he moved to Minnesota to work on a farm, returning to Sully County in December 1938. On August 17, 1940, Otto married Esther Klingbeil in Pierre. They moved to their farm eleven miles north of Harrold, SD. In 1976, they sold their farm to the Oahe Irrigation Projeact and moved to Harrold. During his retirement, Otto enjoyed working in his shop and iron working, which he did everyday up until last year. Otto, 99, Harrold, died Thursday, October 18, 2007, at Highmore Healthcare, Highmore, SD. Otto is survived by his wife Esther of Harrold, one son Roger Butzman of Harrold, one granddaughter Nichole Butzman of Harrold, step-granddaughter Karla Jacobsen of Little Falls, MN; and one nephew Paul Davis of Rapid City.
North 0f 40:The end of cute

by Red Green

I was zapping by one of those nature shows the other day, and they were showing a bunch of baby animals. Bears and cougars and giraffes. That kind of thing. And they are cute. You have to admit it. Even baby snakes have a certain charm. And the same thing with human babies. They tend to be cute. Especially to their parents. Even young people can be cute. The girls tell me those boy bands are all cute. Even guys in their 20s are sometimes called cute. But once you get to my age, when you've got all the numbers moving on the odometer, you lose a lot of your cuteness.
There's nothing cute about a middle-aged guy, and that hurts us. Cute allows you to have the benefit of the doubt. Middle-aged guys need the benefit of the doubt. OK, sure, some guys try to cover by being dignified and sophisticated, but that's no fun. Cute is where it's at, and we are definitely not there. Please just accept it. You can't make up for not looking cute by acting cute. You may think you're an entertaining person when you're wearing that kilt, but trust me, they're not laughing with you.

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