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Monday, October 22, 2007
Publisher Commits Murder

Now that we have your attention, lets clarify that headline. Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle went to the regular meeting of Koinonia at the Home of Brandon and Vicki Vetter. There was the usual Mario Brothers soccer game, of course. But this week, Vicki brought out the board game, "Clue". Jerry played Professor Plum. It took a while for the 5 players to figure out who did the deed. In the end, it was Plum in the study with a revolver. It's always the one you least suspect, isn't it? Hopefully, Jerry will get a chance to redeem himself next time there's a murder, if indeed there is a next time. Nothing kills the mood of a gathering of Christian college students faster than a murder. Poor Mr. Boddy! This guy lives in a mansion with no bedrooms or a bathroom. Perhaps he has an outhouse nearby! Still, he has to sleep. Oh yeah! He's dead! Problem solved!
Another on the Prayer List
Phyllis McKelvey Wrote to the home office earlier to ask our Publisher to pray for her husband, Bob McKelvey, as he he is the Hospital after a having a small stroke . He is in Sioux Falls McKennan on the rehab. floor. All of us send Bob and Phyllis our very best.
"Deathtrap" Opens Thursday
After all the rehearsing and nursing the parts, Director Dan Miller is ready to release "Deathtrap" at the Patton Wing Theatre on Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night. He also has an afternoon performance on Sunday afternoon. Jerry Hinkle is required for his theatre class to write a two page review of the play. Dan brags that this play has more murder weapons than a game of "Clue". Something Jerry knows all too well.

Idol Gossip on an Idle Day
Jerry has everything caught up for tomorrow. "Broca's Brain" has been read, and he has the day off from dishes. There are some things he could be doing, but that can wait for now. Annie Martinez, from the school paper was quizzing Jerry about his audition for "Wesleyan Idol". It seem a lot of folks are talking about it. Jerry feigns disinterest, wondering what the fuss is about. In actuality, the fuss is that sometime today, we find out who made the cut. Some think Jerry may be among the chosen few. He's "Wait and See" about that.

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