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Thursday, October 18, 2007
A Gathering of Guns: It's for the Birds
The Pheasant season is upon us already. that means hunters from all over the world will be coming into South Dakota to "Shoot the pretty ones" as Dave Dedrick always used to say, and maybe still does say it on occasion.
In Hyde County, there is going to be quite a few hunting parties scattered out this weekend. The Goehring family will be getting together this weekend at places like the Come Hahn Inn, the Ponderosa, and of course, Bonnie Nickleson's chili will be the opening night highlight at the Nickleson ranch. We can almost smell the cornbread from here.
Of course, Jerry Hinkle will be busy on opening night washing pans and dishes for the hunters in Kornfield County that call on Pizza Hut. Too bad they don't have a pheasant topping! He'll be thinking of all the hunters that day, and of the ladies who went to Women of Faith in the Twin Cities instead of hunting. Here' hoping we avoid another skunk attack, and keep the game warden off your back.
Publisher to be "Idolized"
Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle has been talked into trying out for "Wesleyan Idol". It is some sort of singing competition that has auditions tonight at 8 pm, when he should be studying for his World History test. Knowing Jerry, he'll find time to do both. Did you know that he took "Socrates" to the Hypnotist during homecoming week?
Time to Tithe
Last week, First Methodist Church had a speaker who encouraged all in attendance to be better stewards of the financial resources we have been given. This caused Jerry Hinkle to ponder his stewardship. After all, he doesn't have much cash on hand, but his bank account back home is flush with money from Pizza Hut. At least it should be with all the hours he's racking up. Plus, Jerry has two churches to support, not counting his own ministry. If Jerry can give 10% of his Pizza Hut check back to the Heavenly Father, perhaps those of you, and you know who you are, can give 10% of your own. Of course, not everybody can live off leftover pizza and peanut butter sandwiches. Some of you may already give 10-20%, and that's great! E.E. Hinkle's older sister, Lilly Pease used to say that 90 cents goes a lot further that a dollar when you give a dime to the Lord. Let's see if that holds true!
Our Thanks
All of us here at the Holabird Advocate would like to thank those who have send e-mails expressing their joy, and in some cases, disappointment at our Publisher's recent traffic violation. Also thanks to those who have sent "Mad Money" to our Publisher in the form of cash through the mail. As cash poor as our Publisher is, this is something we don't encourage or recommend, as it may violate postal regulations. (Can someone confirm that for us, please?) Also, thanks for your continued prayers, for our Publisher and everyone that comes to him for prayer as well.

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