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Thursday, October 11, 2007
Weather is Cold, Salsa is HOT
Mitchell dipped to 30 degrees overnight. Frost on windshields were the rule rather than the exception. Jerry Hinkle left McGovern Hall early to make sure he was on time for his 8 o'clock class. it was still a chilly 38 degrees when he was scraping frost of the Park Avenue this AM.
Jerry dressed warm, but he didn't need to at noon. Salsa Salsa was at the Village and between the food and the dancing, Jerry was quite warm and tired. Jerry better rest up for another Reading Reflection and a few dozen pages of "Jonathon Livingston Seagull"
Good Marks Keep Coming
We are proud to report that our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, is keeping up his grades. His last two Reading Reflections came in at 29 and a perfect 30. The previous one would have been a 30 if Jerry had read the thing over before he submitted it. The word "kew" should have read "knew". Lesson learned? Remember that spell check only works if you use it, bub!
Jerry also got a 95% on his Intro to Theatre test. All the students who read the book and attended the class regularly and on time did well. Still no word on the Public Service midterm, but there are indications that Jerry did well on it.
Time Out For Fun
"Dracula" is being performed at the Pepsi Cola Theatre this week. Jerry Hinkle is hoping to Volunteer as an usher or something to see the performance. If not, he will spring for the $8 admission. After all, he's spent more than that at McDonald's this week. Is that where Pizza Hut Dishwashers got on their days off. That seems to be the case where Jerry is concerned. Mary Hinkle has been after Jerry to do something fun. "Dracula" may fit the bill. It is interesting to note that Bela Lugosi, who was the original Dracula, was born 125 years ago this month. The movie that was based on the play, and the 1897 book, came out 75 years ago this month as well.
North of 40: Cleaning up
by Red Green
"I Know God won't give me more than I can handle.
I just wish he didn't trust me so much.
I went to one of those car clean-up places recently to get the inside of my car cleaned out. They did a nice job, vacuumed the carpeting, emptied the ashtray, cleaned the dashboard and then handed me the bill for $175. This required an adjustment in my thinking. We get our entire home cleaned for $90. They wash the floors and vacuum the rugs and clean the counters. All for $90. Now we don't have a huge home, but it is still quite a bit larger than our car. So I'm having trouble reconciling the difference in prices. Maybe it's because one is called "cleaning" while the other is called "detailing." I don't know. I'm just mentioning it. I'm not going to make it an issue. My sense is that if this information is brought forward, the cost of having the car done will stay the same while the cost of having the house done will quadruple. In fact, pretend I never mentioned it.

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