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Saturday, October 06, 2007
Publisher Regroups
Well, it was a heck of a week for Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle. He got his Midterm Exam completed for Public Service and Leadership, as well as the usual weeks work. It wasn't really hard, just time consuming. The friend that Leonard knew came through again, just like he always does The next big thing is the Philosophy Term Paper that Jerry is planning to do on Leo Buscgalia. He is nervous about that, because he doesn't have any of those books. He thinks that he may have a couple of them located, and is awaiting confirmation of that.
SDM Discovers Richard Harter's World
While we don't keep up with the blogs everyday, we do check it every once in a while. We found out today that South Dakota Magazine has caught up to Richard Harter. You'll recall that we discovered Richard Harter's World earlier this year. What's next for The gang at South Dakota Magazine, discovering John Zilverberg? Actually, we didn't discover Richard Harter and his world. He operated that for a good while before we got hip to it. Now Mr. Harter will be famous for a while, and it is probably about time that it happened.
Feeding Time At McGovern Hall
Jerry Hinkle won't need to cook for a spell. After working darn near a 12 hour shift at Pizza Hut, the manager took pity on him and let him take home 3 Supreme and a Meat Lover's pizza that some DKed them on. That God for deadbeats. Jerry, being ultra frugal, took the pizzas home, and as even developed a tolerance for mushrooms. A true miracle indeed!

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