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Tuesday, October 02, 2007
Publisher Gets Promoted

Jerry Hinkle has gone from making pizza at Pizza Hut to doing dishes there. He's busy all the time, and he is learning where everything goes. We don't think he's making any more money per hour, but he pulled down 10 hours on Sunday, and 6 hours yesterday.

Hinkle Has Meltdown

All of us here at the Holabird Advocate ask that you pray for our Publisher as he is going to have a busy few days. Not only at Pizza Hut, but at DWU as well. He has a midterm exam with 4 question, each with about 550-750 word answers. It's not so much hard as time consuming, plus it has to be emailed to the instructor, so he has to find a computer on campus. Jerry also has to do his usual class schedule as well as meet with a mentor that the Public Service and Leadership Department has arranged for him. The Mentor, Rev. Tim Fountain, will be meeting him in Sioux Falls, so that will be a major deal for Jerry. Hopefully he'll find everything all right.

Postcard from Mom

by Mary Hinkle

The sale went fine. Donna Kennedy bought the old cook stove, the china cabinet that was in the kitchen, the small china closet that was in the corner in the northwest corner and a lot of other items. Janice Peterson bought the buffet that was in the kitchen. I bought the desk that the door came down that was in the spare bedroom, the bathroom cabinet, the book case that had 2 shelves and 2 doors. Connie and Joyce bought the 2 sewing machines. So most of the furniture stayed in the family. Donna bought the 78 records and said that you could have them. The political buttons sold for a lot of money. I saved some for you. I also have some other stuff for you. A box of candy wrappers sold for $250. The Secretariat that sat next to the TV brought $1400. Stuff that didn't sell we brought home. Kelvins, Connie, Janice & Rich, Ty and Kristi, George & Mavis, Ken and Joyce, Wilbur & Lynette & Grandma Agnes were at the sale. They all bought stuff. We had a good crowd. They all said that they missed you and wish you well. It was hard seeing all the stuff go; but after all it is just stuff. Everyone has gone home. Most left here yesterday and George and Mavis left this morning. Will write more later. Love, Mom

North of 40:Talking shop

by Red Green
Iwent to one of those car clean-up places recently to get the inside of my car cleaned out. They did a nice job, vacuumed the carpeting, emptied the ashtray, cleaned the dashboard and then handed me the bill for $175. This required an adjustment in my thinking. We get our entire home cleaned for $90. They wash the floors and vacuum the rugs and clean the counters. All for $90. Now we don't have a huge home, but it is still quite a bit larger than our car. So I'm having trouble reconciling the difference in prices. Maybe it's because one is called "cleaning" while the other is called "detailing." I don't know. I'm just mentioning it. I'm not going to make it an issue. My sense is that if this information is brought forward, the cost of having the car done will stay the same while the cost of having the house done will quadruple. In fact, pretend I never mentioned it.

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