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Monday, October 29, 2007
Holabird Skyscraper Slated For Destruction
Harold and Mary Hinkle report that Ken Ferris of the Ferris Crane Service has been engaged to tear down the grain elevator at Holabird. This is a developing story, and Mary has promised before during and after pictures of the event when it happens. Holabird just keeps getting smaller all the time.
Publisher to "Walk the Line" Tonight
The first round of the finals for "Wesleyan Idol" begin at 10 pm tonight, when most of the decent hardworking people of this world are either working hard or sleeping. Jerry Hinkle has selected "I Walk The Line" for this "Country" round in the competition. He has also selected a black sweater, jeans, socks and shoes. He was wondering about dying his under britches, but hopes it doesn't have to come to that.
Jerry will bring homework along, of course. He studied for his World History test during the auditions and managed to get a 96% on it.
Hinkle Takes the "Next Stage"
When Jerry Hinkle first moved to Mitchell, he took a few deposit envelops from the bank so he could send money in the event he got a job. All of those are gone now. He had a couple checks to deposit and thought he could wait until he was back in Hyde County. But he's not sure when that will be. So instead of that, Jerry decided to open up an account with Wells Fargo, since they already have a student loan on him. He got a "Free Checking" account. Of course, it's only free as long as he has no overdrafts or uses an ATM from the Wells Fargo network. So that's exactly what he will do.

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