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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Holabird Advocate Celebrate 1200th Edition
This is the edition number 1200 for all of us here at the Holabird Advocate. We've covered a lot of stories and events in the 70 months. Some were vitally important, others were quite trivial. There has always been something of interest to our Readers. We hope that hasn't changed.
Invasion of the Oral Interpreters
The Campus of DWU is overrun with high school students performing in the annual Oral Interpretation contest. They seem more interested in watching MTV in the Village that anything else. Our Publisher had to come to the Public Library to publish this edition of the Newsblog. Hopefully they'll be gone tomorrow.
Good-bye Socrates, Hello Jonathan
Now that the Philosophy of Life Class is through reading Plato's book about Socrates, Professor Miller is assigning the class something a little more fun to read. A book called "Jonathon Livingston Seagull", by Richard Bach. It is our understanding that it is a short book with big print and lots of pictures. Best of all, there no old guys answering questions in the form of a question. It's been said that Socrates would have cleaned up on "Jeopardy"
Catching up and Chilling out
after the stressful week Jerry Hinkle had, he welcomed a little bit of calmness. His aunt Mavis Kennedy told him that the next time he has a meltdown to "Chill out". Of course, Mavis didn't have to write a 2900 word paper on Public Service and Leadership. Jerry is anxious to see how he did on that, and will hopefully find out on Thursday how he did.
Harold Hinkle also gave Jerry some advice. That being to check the oil in his car. Harold is apparently worried that the short trips around Mitchell, as well as the big trip to Sioux Falls may be burning oil. as it turns out, the oil is overfull. It's as if E.E. Hinkle has been checking the oil for him, and adding too much, like he did when he was alive. Harold also says that fuel prices in Hyde County are around $2.79/gal, just like in Mitchell. It only cost Jerry $40 to fill his tank last Sunday.

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