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Friday, September 28, 2007
Publisher Has Grave Field Trip
Jerry Hinkle has to spend 20 minutes at a cemetery for an assignment in Philosophy of Life. Jerry is going sometime tomorrow morning, since he has the day off from classes and Pizza Hut. As a bonus, he thought he's look up some relatives. Dr. G.C. Wallis, and his wife, Myrtle Wallis, are buried at Graceland Cemetery in Mitchell. Myrtle was the younger sister of E.E. Hinkle.

Dot Hanson Needs Prayer

Our Publisher was informed that Dot Hanson was diagnosed with lymphoma and has started taking radiation treatment. Her Husband, Allen Hansen, says she needs all the prayer's she can get. She is doctoring in Sioux Falls and taking treatment's in Aberdeen as it is closer. She has had two treatments so far. Dot and her daughter, Deb Hertel, went to Sioux Falls as she has some more tests tomorrow. Then will go back to Aberdeen Monday for five days of treatments then home for the weekend.

North of 40: The big 'W'
I've noticed that my wife and I have different ways of answering questions. If she asks me where something is or what I'm planning to do today or if the mall is open, I answer by telling her where I think the thing is, or that I have nothing planned for today, or that I have no mall knowledge. But when I ask my wife anything, and I mean anything, she always gives me the same answer -- "Why?" "Do you know where the hammer is?" "Why?" "What are you planning to do today?" "Why?" "Is the mall open?" "Why?" This is because women are pre-occupied with the motive behind every thought and action. Men don't care. Men like to know what's going on, and where it's going on, and when it's going on. The whole area of why it's going on eventually leads to having to justify our choices and that's usually impossible

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