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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Election Day in Mitchell
Even though None of us here at the Holabird Advocate has a TV, we do listen to the radio quite a bit. There has been a lot of discussion about Mitchell's Event Center. Today the good people of Mitchell decide whether or not they want to stick with the Corn Palace, or build an Event Center that can hold events too small for that venue.
Constitution Day Observed At DWU

September 17 was Constitution day! What? You didn't know that! Well, neither did any of us here at the Holabird Advocate. In honor of the day, at 1pm, Professor Sean Flynn led a discussion about the Constitution and the War Powers Act of 1973. Since our Publisher's mother told him to make time to do something fun, Jerry Hinkle went to the event. Dr. Don Simmons, Boyd Blumer, and a National Guardsman who did time in Iraq were also in attendance. For Jerry, it was fun, and quite a stimulating discussion. To bad it was only 50 minutes long. Jerry didn't say much, because he was too busy listening and drinking in the wisdom. Yeah, we know, we were shocked to hear that as well.
Hinkle Acts up in Class
Monday's Intro to Theatre class was also much too short for Jerry Hinkle. He volunteered for an acting exercise that showed he's not exactly Peter O' Toole. The subject was "Goals in Acting". Jerry and the other volunteers were given certain things to get anther person to do. They were placed in a doctors office, a proctologist to be precise. One had to get the receptionist to look at his feet, another to wear his hat, while Jerry had to get her to give him a "high five". The person playing the receptionist had the goal of not doing just those things. Jerry didn't do so hot.
The group had a second chance with the same scene. One had to get the receptionist to feel his head, another had to get her to chew a stick of gum (this guy did it somehow). Jerry had to get her to take his phone and push one button (the group had originally wanted him to get her on his lap, but both he and Dan Miller but the nix on that). Jerry didn't succeed there either, but he was the only one who "died" on stage. He told the receptionist he had a brain tumor. When reminded he was in a proctologist's office, he told her it was a brain tumor in is lower intestine. Finally he fell down, yelled "911!" and started shaking. It didn't work, of course, but he had fun trying it out. Like the feller said, "Dying is easy, comedy is hard".

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