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Saturday, September 15, 2007
Missed it by 2 Much
Well, as suspected Jerry Hinkle didn't get a part in "Deathtrap" He could have had the lead, but because of his two part time jobs, the part is still up for grabs. Still Jerry had fun. and he still gets extra credit. He may be able to help behind the scenes. Jerry will have to find another reason to get his grandmother to come down to Mitchell. When she does come down, Jerry will have to clean up a little around McGovern Hall. Right now, if one was to look around, one might think a college student lived there. A Baptist college student at that (no beer bottles or cans).
Bigger Pizza Hut Comes to Mitchell
The Mitchell Pizza Hut is moving from it's previous location and into a bigger space with almost 3 times the seating as the old restaurant. The menu will be expanding as well. All these changes start Oct 1. Jerry Hinkle is hoping to get the three days before that off so he can attend the big Hinkle Family Legacy Sell-out at that time. Pizza Hut wants him back by Monday, but Jerry will have to be back by 9 am Monday to catch his Intro to Theatre class anyway, so that won't be too much of a problem.
Not Much of an Evangelist
by Jerry Hinkle
courageous dynamic Publisher
of the Holabird Advocate
I have been having a bit of an off week here in Mitchell. When one holds down two jobs and goes to university, something has to suffer. This time it was me. I had half of my two page paper for Classics of Christian Thought done and I thought it was saved. NO IT WASN'T! I had to do the whole thing over. How can I be trusted to save souls when I can't even save one page of a stinking report. I shouldn't let failure get to me. In fact I should get used to it. Luckily I serve a God who is big on mercy, grace and second, third and fourth chances. Jesus once said that one must forgive our neighbor 7o times 7. Even at that, I hope he's not keeping too good of a score on me. It's not all bad. At least I haven't pulled a Swaggart yet!

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