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Wednesday, September 12, 2007
Pizza Time For Publisher
Jerry Hinkle had a good first day at Pizza Hut, and he feels that they'll only get better. He's excited about this new door that has opened up. He's gone through a lot of training and groundwork. Before too long, he'll be making pizza like a pro. Maybe sooner than he knows.
Jerry got to the Village in time for the ice cream bar. Senator McGovern came over with his dog. Some of the theatre people tried to talk him into auditioning for "Deathtrap". All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are quite sure they did not succeed. Jerry did audition, but a little less than half of those who did will be chosen. Jerry had fun at the audition, however. He gave a Nixon impression, which didn't go over too big. He says that his improv skills need work. He feels also that his warm reading went well. His two part time jobs on top of school and study time may get in the way.
But She's Too Young to be a Grandmother

Mary Jo Nemec has informed the home office that she and her husband, Nick Nemec are going to be grandparents. The approximate month of the blessed event is April 2008. We can also report that Derek and Susanne McCloud are the expectant parents. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate offer our congratulations to the whole family.
Meanwhile, the Dakota Radio group tels us that Mary Jo's brother, Shorty Zilverberg is looking for some missing cattle as part of his job with the State Brand Board. Our prayers are with you on that one, Shorty. You may have need of them!

North of 40: The unbiased judge

by Red Green

If you're concerned about reducing the costs of heating your house in the winter and cooling it in the summer, you need a new approach. Identify the fattest and thinnest people who live in your home. They are about to be given special status. The fat one will be solely in control of the heat setting for the coldest months, and the skinny one will be at the helm for turning on the air conditioning in the hot times. The principle here is that you put the decision in the hands of the person who will benefit least from the result. It's why they have eunuchs guarding harems, and taxpayers deciding on government spending, and men shopping for engagement rings.

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