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Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Publisher Takes Vacation
After a full week of big city life, Jerry Hinkle was ready for a small vacation. At about 6:30 Friday night, The Hansens picked him up at McGovern Hall. Jerry even made his bed in case they saw it. Ken was the only one who came up, trying to get Jerry to get a move on. After a quick stop in Forestburg for melons, and a stop for gas an Huron, they pulled up to the Come Hahn Inn Make Your Own Bed And Breakfast at about 9 pm. Harold and Mary Hinkle were waiting to see Jerry with Shelby and Justin Hinkle also there. Justin told Jerry, "I don't like you living in Mitchell!", which was hard for him to hear. Shelby said she missed Jerry "A little bit". Jerry missed seeing Brittany Hinkle, who was showing exhibits and judging at the State Fair all that time.
Once at the Ponderosa, Jerry collected a few things to put in his suitcase to take back to his new home. It was mostly DVDs and Cd's. At night, he'd read some of his homework assignments to remind him this was a just a vacation from University, not learning. Then it was up to see the day. On Saturday, after Jerry got a haircut, the Hinkles went back to The Come Hahn Inn to see Larry, Phyllis, and Brenda Ehlers, Bonnie and Larry Nickleson and Tracy Lennick.
Sunday brought an unexpected blessing. During the Worship Service at the Methodist Church, Jerry was called forward to help with communion. Afterward, Martin and Jenene Earl, prayed over him and presented Jerry with a copy of The Learning Bible. Then back to see the relatives after church. Among those Jerry saw Sunday in addition to the rest were Harry and Dianne, Leanne Hoffman, Andy Lennick and his girlfriend (He forgot her name, but will commit to learning it soon if he has to). Darrel Hinkle showed up when he wasn't busy working on the farm. Doug and Cade Hinkle came over along with Noel Pothast who were just on their way back home from the State Fair.
Jerry was ready to leave on Monday, He wanted to watch Norm Crosby on the Jerry Lewis Telethon before he left, which he did. After eating dinner, the Hinkles delivered Jerry to the Hansens, where good byes were said. Once again, Jerry had the most difficulty saying "Good-bye" to his grandma, Agnes Hahn, but managed to keep it together again. Once the road, things moved rather quickly and even with a short stop for more melons in Forestburg, they delivered Jerry safely to McGovern Hall. After inspecting it, Joan Hansen was impressed with what Jerry has done with the apartment. She recognized the bedspread. Joan said nothing of the two Britney Spears posters hanging on the Bedroom wall. They were gifts from the Pothast Nieces that he didn't have room on his bedroom wall at the Ponderosa. After the Hansens left, it was back to the old routine, Studying for the next day.
Getting Back in the Grove
After reminding himself it was Tuesday, Jerry Hinkle got to the right classroom. It was then he found out that he read chapter one in the wrong book. The assignment was in the McGovern book. He was not alone, one of Jerry's 3 favorite co-eds read the wrong book as well. Lesson learned: read your syllabus. Two of Jerry's favorite co-eds noticed Jerry's haircut. He'll meet the third at the campus bible study tonight.
Any Jobs Today?
So much for "The open door". Culver's, Taco John, and, Country Kitchen have closed their door on our Publisher. He has found openings at Pizza Hut for a cook starting at $5.85-$6/hour. Arby's has crew person positions for $6.25-$6.50/hour. As a last resort, there is a delivery driver for the phone book company where they furnish the driver a delivery van, pay for the gas, and pay $8. There is even a position as a dishwasher/food server at DWU. That would be nice as well.


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