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Saturday, September 29, 2007
Homecoming Week at DWU

All this week DWU has been celebrating Homecoming Week with different events. The Crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen, who were people our Publisher didn't know, didn't matter to him, so he never voted. Tyler Poppen, who our Publisher has heard of, was crowned Beanie King. Katy Duffy, from Platte, who sits behind our Publisher in Intro to Public Service, was crowned Beanie Queen. This was on Monday night. Tyler and Katy are Freshmen, they were made to wear this blue beanie all through homecoming week. If they were caught not wearing it they had to do "stupid stuff" as Katy Duffy calls it. Thinks like singing "Old McDonald" while doing the Macarena.

On Wednesday, there was a hypnotist. He had those he put under do a lot of cheesy things, but it was all PG. Our Publisher waited for a good while for that to get over with so he could help set up for the worship service the next day. The service was good. The visiting minister talked about our time. And also how we have to seize the day, because someday, like in the movie, "Dead Poet society", we'll all be food for worms.

Friday there was a lecture given by the South Dakota Secretary of Education, who is not only a DWU alum, but is the recipient of the Opperman Distinguished Alumni Award. Katy Duffy saw our Publisher there, because he didn't see her first, and introduced him to her brother, who was lst years Beanie King. They bonded right away. After all, they have a common enemy. after the lecture, Jerry met some home folks. Phillip Kaye and his sister, Naomi Hull were there for Homecoming, and they brought their respective spouses. Jerry chatted with them for a while before they had to go to dinner.

Today is the parade. Then tonight, the game with Nebraska Wesleyan.


My Cemetery Report

by Jerry Hinkle

I went to Graceland Cemetery in Mitchell, not just for this assignment, but to find the graves of my great uncle and aunt, G.C. and Myrtle Wallis. This was not the easiest of tasks, but once I found the cemetery, I went to the caretaker’s office. Since this was on a Saturday, that was of no help. I decided to walk around. If I found them, all right, if not, well I just didn’t find them.
I noticed a lot of familiar names on the headstone, gravestones marker and mausoleums. There were names like Miller, Olsen, Nelson, Larson, even a Hansen or two. Of course, I didn’t ever know these folks, but somebody did. I even saw a few names that sounded familiar, but I didn’t know from where. Perhaps it was the news or something.
There was one family, the Moe Family that stuck out. The mother and son were buried under the same headstone. The mother died in 1923, the son, born in 1921, was killed in war, I assume in 1941. The father died in 1966. The father had marked on his wife and son’s stone, “We will meet again”. What a nice declaration of faith, I thought.
After a while, names started running together. I noticed that death can come at any age. I saw a grave of a 4 years girl in one place. I also saw the grave of a 21 year old woman who, I assume died of cancer, as they had that “God saw that she was getting tired” poem on the marker. There were quite a few that had a poem about building a bridge with tears to bring their loved one back home. That one I didn’t think showed any faith at all. Some had the name of the departed with their spouse, but the date of the spouse’s death was not there, indicating that they were being prepared, because they know what’s coming. Sometimes the spouses died just a few years apart; sometimes it was 10 or more years later. That could indicate that some just couldn’t “Go on” without the other one. I’m not sure what that indicates. Perhaps love really is stronger than death in some cases.
After a while, I gave up trying to find my aunt and uncle. After all, the part that made them who I knew and love was not there. That part is in another world, possible looking down on me and wondering what all the fuss is about. After getting back in my car, I drove around the cemetery for a while. On my way back out, I saw a statue of Jesus. Underneath it said, “I am the Resurrection”. What a helpful reminder to those who are in mourning that there will come a great day. Like Mr. Moe, I believe we will meet again. I can hardly wait, and yet I have to.

Don’t I?

The True Hinkle Legacy

by Mary Hinkle

You were talking about selling your legacy for 30 pieces of silver. The stuff that will be sold at the auction is not your legacy from Grandma and Granddad. Your legacy from them is all the wonderful memories that you have of them from the time you were a baby until they went to their heavenly home. It is the wonderful times and sad times you had with them. It is all the wisdom and faith in God that they gave you. It is what you remember whenever you think of them. What will be sold at the auction is only the material things that they accumulated while they were here on earth. They couldn't take these possessions with them; as they had more important treasures laid up for them in heaven. Remember the faith they had and how they spent their life here on earth. They did not value their stuff above their faith and family. They loved you dearly and that is truly your legacy. Just remember what they taught you and gave to you while they were here.

What can I say, my mother is right, as usual. I had come to much of the same conclusion myself as I was walking through the cemetery this morning. I was going to say so, but my mother already did, and much better than I could have. I guess as the old saying goes, "It's just stuff!".
Now we know where Jerry gets his writing ability---his mom. It is so true--it is just stuff. Loved the thoughts.
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