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Saturday, September 08, 2007
Publisher Signs With Pizza Hut
After wondering what to do, debating to himself pro and con, Jerry Hinkle has decided that he would take a job with Pizza Hut. His other job is nice, as are the people he's working with. He will still work with them when possible. The Pizza Hut job will mean less driving. Jerry starts Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm.
Deathtrap Auditions Sept 10-11
The DWU Theatre Department will be holding auditions for "Deathtrap", a comedic murder mystery, next Monday and Tuesday September 10-11 at 7:30. Jerry Hinkle will be one of the students trying out for a part. It may have to be a small part. He may have to settle for "Usher". Hint: he won't be on stage. Deathtrap will run from October 26-28.
Salsa: More than Food and Dance
The DWU Multi Culture Club met on Thursday. Jerry Hinkle was one of those who signed up for MCC, so he went to the meeting. MCC puts on an event called Salsa Salsa, where not only can one learn how do the Salsa dancing, they have 3 kinds of salsa for eating. They come in three strenghts: mild, hot, and very hot. This event will be coming up soon.
Of course, it's more that just eating and dancing. It's about getting together and learning something new about other kinds of people. Jerry will be there when the time comes. All of us here at the Holabird advocate hope he brings along some milk.
Closing Open Line Friday
The past busy week has shown our Publisher that running this Newsblog on the previous schedule may not always be possible. We will still try to bring North of 40 every Wednesday. Getting into a routine will take some time. Sometimes during this week it seems like Jerry has gone from 0-90 in 3 seconds. We don't see things settling down anytime soon.

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