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Friday, September 07, 2007
Publisher Has Two Job Possibilities

While applying for work at Pizza Hut, Jerry Hinkle found another job for a janitorial service. They put him to work straight away at the place of business of one of their best clients. Jerry empties the wastepaper baskets from the offices, break rooms and rest rooms in the complex as well as cleaning toilets, mopping, and vacuuming when it's needed. It IS needed a lot. Jerry enjoys this job more than anyone here at the Holabird Advocate thought he would, including himself. But everyone has been so nice. And Jerry has been getting some positive feedback as well.

Now for the fly in the oatmeal. Pizza Hut asked Jerry to interview, which he did. Laura, the manager at Pizza Hut has asked him to watch the place in action tonight. If he does get the Pizza Hut job, he'll make less per hour, but he can work as many as 13 hours on Saturday, which will free up a lot of study time during the week. Of course, he's got to get the job first.

Update on Bill Zilverberg

Curt visited the parents over the Labor Day weekend. Cheryl sent some homemade goodies. Curt and Jeanne were able to venture out and found super sales at a few stores!

Dad is still quite dizzy, and is working with the doctors on this. They took him off of 5 meds hoping that one of them were causing the dizziness. (Remember he was on 18 meds) So far they haven't pin pointed this down, because he is still dizzy.

Dad does have a form of hepatitis. As you can imagine, he is not impressed since he never had this before. The doctors have reassured him that it is a mild form of hepatitis and with some meds it will go away. He was worried that the donor lungs came with the AIDS virus. The doctors assume that the donor lungs did come with the hepatitis and the donor and their family probably didn't even know they had it. It is not AIDS!

Today Dad goes for physical therapy. Next week they will plan for a bronciscope to check on the stitches healing.

They continue to receive numerous cards and well wishes. Their apartment address is 920 Delaware SE Apt 1028, Minneapolis MN 55414. Keep the prayers coming!

The potato feed fundraiser is October 11 at the Elks, hope to see you there!

A CaringBridge for Bill Zilverberg

Mary jo Nemec reports that she has created a Caring bridge site for her brother, Bil Zilverberg. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that our readers will give Bill and Jeanne all the love they can. You can visit Bill's CaringBridge site at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/billzilverberg.

North of 40: Not see worthy

by Red Green

Otherwise sane men often lose all sense when it comes to picking a name for their boats. Always remember that other people will see that name. And they will assume that name means something. That can hurt you. Here are a few examples of bad names for boats:
Tax Dodge
The Other Woman
Cirrhosis of the River
Howdy Yawl
Ketch Me If You Can
Breaking Wind
New Motto in Place
Anyone who can read can also see that we have revealed out new motto. It's not that different from the old motto, but 67% favored it over Bring on the Co-eds. That's a good thing. Because if our Publisher works two jobs and goes to class, he won't have time for co-eds.

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