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Thursday, August 30, 2007
Publisher Meets Senator

The students of Intro to Public Service got a pleasant surprise when after most, if not all, of them aced the Chapter 7 quiz. They were to be paid a visit by Senator George Stanley McGovern, Esquire himself. The Senator Emeritus was scheduled to arrive at 9, but was slightly late, due to his being very sought after for media quotes. He never knows when CNN or someone is going to call and ask for his reaction to something. Rough life, eh? No wonder his phone number is not listed in the White Pages.

One of the students is the grandson of a former student of McGovern when he was a teacher at DWU. Talk about legacy! Senator McGovern even offered to autograph the textbook for those inclines to accept. Many, including our Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, were so inclined. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are curious when that will show up on E-bay. Perhaps Jerry should wait until he's the one CNN calls for comments, then autograph the book himself. We're talking major some bank here!

Publisher Heading Home

Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has decided almost at the last minute, to take the Hansen's up on their offer of a ride up to Hyde County for the long weekend, at least as far as the Come Hahn Inn. It's only been a week and a half, but Jerry is ready for a vacation. He'll bring some homework along in case he has trouble sleeping.

No Word from Culver's Yet. Jerry is starting to wonder if they're giving him the old snow job. He called them this afternoon. They still haven't made a decision.
Top Ten List
by Jerry Hinkle
"Uncle Jake" Bisbee wrote to me complaining about this new TV show that has "celebrities" riding bulls. You know, Vanilla Ice, Leif Garrett, and that dude who lied about his dead grandmother on "Survivor". He told me he had no idea theses people were still alive, so why should he care if they get gored to death.
1. Paris Hilton (Uncle Jake would like to see her hold her funny looking little dog while she does it, but I think that's too cruel, to the bull)
2. Lindsey Lohan (Uncle Jake says she should do this only if she's drunk, that way she can go to a real hospital next time)
3. Donald Trump ( He can sure shoot the bull, eh?)
4. Rosie O' Donnell ( she'll want in if Trump does it!)
5. George Clooney
6. Brad Pitt
7. Keanu Reeves
8. Madonna
9. Harry Potter
10. Jerry Hinkle( How did I get in there? Sorry Uncle Jake, I'm not famous, or stupid, enough to do that!
North of 40: The squeaky wheel gets the job
by Red Green
You always hear about people who belong to clubs or organizations, and they have problems with something, or they point out where some aspects of the operation are unsatisfactory, and they ultimately get put in charge of a committee, or even become president of the association. There's a lesson here. Keep quiet. Be satisfied. Even if it means lowering your standards. I think the same rule can be applied to relationships. Now some people feel that when one partner finds fault with some aspect of the living arrangements, it's really a demand for the other person to solve the problem. I don't see it that way. I have more of a Country Club approach. I consider any complaint to be that person's way of asking for permission to make improvements. Do you see how that can reduce arguments and simplify life? I never cringe when my wife complains about the color of the living room, because I interpret that as her asking for permission to paint it. And the answer is "Absolutely, Honey. Knock yourself out. Whatever makes you happy." It's also the reason I never complain about anything.

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