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Friday, August 24, 2007
Still with the Public
It appears that our Publisher doesn't have the user name and password for the computers at DWU quite yet. So we're back at the Public Library.All of us here at the Holabird Advocate are grateful that they let us go beyond the 30 minute limit on a slow day. It's nice and quiet here. Since We were unable to use the computers at DWU, God provided another open door.
Hinkle Ahead of Schedule at DWU
Because he got the finalizing done yesterday, Holabird Advocate Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, has until 1pm today to do other things. He promised Barbara Nemec that he wouldn't chase girls. Of course, he couldn't do anything with them anyway. Can't take them out on the town, because no job. Can't take them to McGovern Hall because all he has for entertainment is a DVD player and 2 Cd's. The young lady could sit on Bud Hahn's chair and watch Jerry jazzercise to The Ditty Bops, but that's about it.
Publisher Pounds Pavement

It took some time, but Jerry applied at all of the places mentioned previously, once he found them. He walked to Taco John's, but drove to Culver's, Country Kitchen, and Radio Shack. The folks at Country Kitchen were especially nice. The manger actually talked to Jerry and assured him that his handwriting, the bane of his existence, would not be held against him. He even made sure that he had Jerry's correct phone number. The manager let Jerry fill out an application at an out of the way table. while there, one of the waitresses, an Angel of Mercy, gave him a glass of ice water. Jerry didn't know what they charged for that, but he gave the waitress a dollar tip. Turns out ice water is free. The manager would that liked to talk to Jerry further, but he was pressed for time because he was supplying meals to the Corn Palace entertainment for that evening.
Clarence at the Success Center told Jerry that even though the servers at Country Kitchen only make $3.25/hour plus tips, they come out ahead of the Host, who pulls down $7/hour. He also suggested to apply at Chef Louie's as a server. Jerry ate there once and remembers the experience well. Still he hopes it doesn't come to that.
Kristy at Culver's called Jerry at the Home Office to set up an interview. It will be on Monday at 2:30 pm. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate hope that around that time you will pray that if it is God's will that this door will open as well.
Someone at Taco John's has logged on and read our little Newsblog as well. This could be a case of overflow if we're not careful!

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