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Tuesday, August 21, 2007
The Original Watcher Speaks


I started getting e-mails from folks around the region telling me that a cyber squatter was using my SD Watch Man identity to launch a new blog. Ugh. I want your great readers to know that I don't have a thing to do with this new blog. A little bit about my life since I left the blogosphere. I wrote a book, got cancer, got divorced and moved into an apartment that is so small I have to go out to come in.I am looking forward to the Rounds - Johnson Senate race and find the posturing on Sen. Johnson's behalf very interesting.The Argus Leader continues its downward slide but I have given up on any chance the Randall Beck will ever be responsive to readers' concerns. His ego is bigger than mine (and that's saying something). My sworn enemy, Sibby, continues to produce a blog that is so boring that I have just stopped reading it . I still read the posts of the Apple Dumpling Gang but now that their stars are in D.C. with Thune, it's become a little too academic in nature.The wood pulp blog is one of my favorites. Everyone should read it. Bernie and Katie Hunhoff are doing a marvelous job with the S.D. Magazine and some of the best posts each day are being written by mssrs . Lund and Hemisphere (oops, Freudian slip) are some of the most compelling. I don't understand Greg Belfrage's blog at all and so I rarely read it. That's my round-up. Keep up the good work.

Publisher Taking a Break from Blogging

With Jerry Hinkle, our courageous, dynamic Publisher, Jerry Hinkle, moving to Mitchell to attend DWU, it may be a while before he can get to another computer. Because of this, we are forced to take a hiatus of unknown length. Pray that in this Year of the Open Door that the door to our new home office will be opened soon.

Jerry's parents are understandably anxious to be shed of him. They have been packing like mad all day today. Harold and Darrel Hinkle are already in Mitchell, and have moved in the bed, the microwave, a toaster, Bud Hahn's old chair and some other odds and ends into Jerry's new apartment, which we have christened McGovern Hall. They will stay in the apartment overnight, attend Dakota Fest, and wait for Mary Hinkle and Jerry to show up with the rest sometime tomorrow. Jerry is still wondering what the hurry is. After all, orientation is not until Friday morning. He'd rather be doing this a little at a time. All of us here at the Holabird Advocate think that things will slow down after a while.

This is not a good time for us to be off the Internet, with Bill Zilverberg's fundraiser needing a publicity maching, and SDBWM needing a mouth piece. But things have a way of working out. If we are silenced, someone else will speak up. Until then, keep voting, and we'll see you whenever.

Fundraiser for Bill Zilverberg

Please mark your calendar for September 20, 2007!
The Bill Zilverberg Family has reserved the Elk's in Huron, and they are planning a fundraiser potato feed and silent auction with matching funds from Modern Woodmen/Sarah M. May.
Some things they are in need of are...
plenty of volunteers
sour cream
silent auction items which could be an item or a gift basket (movie night, etc).
Any ideas, guidance, and assistance is greatly appreciated.
Bill's wife, Jean, has not worked since they got the call on August 8th. They will move into an apartment this week near the hospital. She has been staying at a Days Inn near the hospital. Bill will get out of the hospital later this week, and will join Jean at the apartment. Their stay in Minneapolis will be another 2 months or more. Thanks for all of your support and prayers!

Good luck at college, Jerry. I hope you succeed in everything you ever set out to do. You are a great man with a huge heart. We'll never forget what a phenomenal friend to our family you have been over the past year and a half. Hunter will be starting the 4th grade this year. I know I'm getting older when I say things like, "where did the time go?"
Thank you for always being supportive. Again, good luck. I'm sure you really won't need it.
Your Friends
Shannon, Hunter, & Family
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